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Fundamentally Flawed Episode 18: Eric Hovind and Dustin Segers Special

A lengthy discussion with Dustin Segers and Eric Hovind wherein Jim and I try to push the discussion away from the TAG….and mostly succeed.

Have a listen.

EDIT: The whole thing really kicks off about 35 minutes before the end, when Eric and Dustin are unable to provide the name of even ONE peer reviewed scientific paper in favour of Creationism, it’s painful and I find myself feeling sorry for these guys as they stumble over each other in a display of deflection. Have a listen as they try to drag things back to the TAG and fail. Also listen out for Eric reading out a series of anti-Evolution quotes, but failing to mention that they date from at least 50 years ago. 

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2 thoughts on “Fundamentally Flawed Episode 18: Eric Hovind and Dustin Segers Special

  1. Dawson Bethrick addresses Segers' four points regarding the primacy of existence:Has the Primacy of Existence Been Refuted?Unsurprisingly, he finds that all four points fail to do what Segers asserts they do.

  2. Hello rhiggs,Good to see you again. Thanks for letting Alex know about my blog entry.I've created another blog entry in response to Segers. This entry interacts with the blog entry he posted on his own website but later removed after I informed him that he had made a significant blunder. Segers' blog entry contained additional information that he did not present in his address on the podcast, so I wanted to interact with that. My new blog entry can be found here:A Reply to Dustin Segers' Dismantled Blog Entry on ObjectivismIncidentally, I had made a copy of Segers' blog before he took it down, and I have posted it on my personal website. You can find it here:Dustin Segers' Failed Attempt to Refute the Primacy of ExistenceI have posted links to my two blog entries responding to Segers in the comments section of one of his (currently standing) blogs (see here), but at the moment my comment is awaiting moderator approval.Enjoy!Regards,Dawson

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