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An Observation About Searches

Why is there a picture of Justin Bieber here? Have I decided to change the whole theme of this blog from discussing atheism?


Have a look to the right, you can see the most read posts on this blog….and what’s that at number four? A short article pointing out that Bob Sorensen had stolen his entirely online schtick from Dr Cox in Scrubs. But why is that so high up the list? Why are better articles LESS read than this 200 word nothing? It’s because of the picture of Dr Cox – people google him, my site comes up, they click on it. I can almost guarantee that, if I go and have a look at the blog stats for today, at least a handful of folk will have arrived via a search for a comedy surgeon.

 The top searches of all time, note a LOT of Dr Cox

So, I’m seeing if putting a picture of Justin Bieber on the site has the same effect…just watch, my hits will go through the roof, but none of the visitors will be interested in the articles. Let’s see how this post is doing in the ranking after a week…

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