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Was Hitler Influenced by Darwin?

“There’s not the slightest shred of evidence that Hitler read Darwin,” [University of Chicago historian Robert Richards]  said. Some of the biggest influences on Hitler’s anti-Semitism were opposed to evolution, such as British writer Houston Stewart Chamberlain, whose racial theory became incorporated into Nazi doctrine. Hitler uses language with “a Darwinian flavor,” said Richards, but if you look at the ideas behind it they have nothing to do with Darwin.

Those are the words of journalist Fay Flam, writing about Creationist claims that Darwinism directly influenced Hitler. Her article is a good read, so don’t waste your time here, head on over to the actual thing.

And you can also read Robert Richards’ paper (pdf) here.

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6 thoughts on “Was Hitler Influenced by Darwin?

  1. The second you bring up Hitler, you've lost the argument.

  2. So, basically what your saying, is that we are incapable of learning to not repeat past mistakes…

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Susan:     It is a common non sequitur for christians to say that Darwin's ideas led to Naziism and that they therefore must be false. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you don't consider the christians to have lost the argument by bringing up Hitler. This post by Alex exposes the key premise as false.     Incidentally, as there are legitimate references to Hitler, Godwin's law can be, and often is, misapplied.

  5. Yeah, Hitler's supposed Darwinism is brought up as often as his supposed atheism as an attempt to discredit both evolution and non-belief on gods. Unfortunately for the Creationists it's rather easy to research these things these days, so we know that Hitler apparently never read Darwin, and proclaimed himself a Christian, and was at the very least a deist. The internet has cut the roots out from under these lies that have been circulating in Creationist circles for decades, the only problem is the Creationist haven't altered their arguments, and are now starting to look very silly indeed.

  6. I didn't notice this post before. I'm bookmarking it. Hopefully you don't mind if I post what little research I've done on this matter here?

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