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Climate Change Again, or Bob Sorensen Keeps Getting it Wrong

A mere day after I posted links to further damning evidence that Global Warming ISN’T something that’s being made up (and only a week after a more detailed piece), Bob has posted part of an article that tries to appeal to Christians to dismiss Global Warming as being against faith. He introduces it like this –

Adherents of Global Warming/Global Climate Change tend to be irrational. That’s right, I said it! They protect their viewpoints through intimidation, bullying, legislation, suppress contrary evidence, beg for money. (In fact, they use the same tactics as evolutionists — not surprising, because the political agenda of Global Warming activists is often similar to the “science” of evolutionism.)

Yeah, Bob, it’s irrational to worry about destroying the planet when we could actually prevent it! Check out the insane clowns who don’t want to ruin the only planet we live on! Truly we’re a bunch of stupid cunts for not wanting to die!

The article itself makes the following claim –

    Religious faith is a source of strength in many people’s lives. But religious faith when taken too far can prove ludicrous — or disastrous.

    On Oct. 22, 1844, thousand of Millerites, having sold all their possessions, climbed to the top of hills in Upstate New York to await the return of Jesus and the end of the world. They suffered “the great disappointment” when it didn’t happen.

    In 1212, or so the legends go, thousands of Children’s Crusaders set off from France and Germany expecting the sea to part so they could march peaceably and convert Muslims in the Holy Land. It didn’t, and many were shipwrecked or sold into slavery.

    In 1898, the cavalrymen of the Madhi, ruler of Sudan for 13 years, went into the Battle of Omdurman armed with swords, believing that they were impervious to bullets. They weren’t, and they were mowed down by British Maxim guns.

    A similar but more peaceable fate is befalling believers in what I think can be called the religion of the global warming alarmists.

My favourite line is “Religious faith is a source of strength in many people’s lives. But religious faith when taken too far can prove ludicrous — or disastrous.”, though the author doesn’t intend it this way, he’s spot on – denying climate change due to religious beliefs IS ludicrous and potentially disastrous, something that Bob Sorensen would to well to realise.

If you’re in any doubt that climate change is a real issue read this article by former climate change skeptic, Richard A. Muller –

When we began our study, we felt that skeptics had raised legitimate issues, and we didn’t know what we’d find. Our results turned out to be close to those published by prior groups. We think that means that those groups had truly been very careful in their work, despite their inability to convince some skeptics of that. They managed to avoid bias in their data selection, homogenization and other corrections.

Global warming is real. Perhaps our results will help cool this portion of the climate debate. How much of the warming is due to humans and what will be the likely effects? We made no independent assessment of that.

Bob’s wrong, the writer at the clearly misnomered ‘Real Clear Politics’ is wrong. Climate change is a fact. Still, I shouldn’t be surprised that Bob hasn’t bothered to research this topic, as he never checks any of the anti-evolution crap he posts.

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5 thoughts on “Climate Change Again, or Bob Sorensen Keeps Getting it Wrong

  1. Not sure how anyone can deny climate change – Christian or otherwise – because its pretty obvious its happening…

  2. Agreed, I feel one only has to look out ones window to see it's happening.

  3. Agreed Alex, but one also has to have a memory greater than the last 3 winters, which most climate deniers seem incapable of recollecting further than…JoE

  4. I've spoken about this with my parents, and they agree that winters are getting less cold. As you say, anyone who can remember back beyond a couple of years can see that climate change is self evident. Sadly people like Bob Sorensen refuse to believe this.

  5. Alex:     No one disputes that the climate changes. Complete stasis is effectively impossible. No one disputes that tectonic plate movements exist and cause earthquakes either. The dispute comes when/if these things are attributed to humans.

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