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Chris Taylor (of Conroe, Texas) Update

Oh old friend, Chris Taylor of Conroe, Texas, a man who made his way onto my radar by repeatedly claiming that he’d abuse any teaching position he might get to push his Creationist views, is STILL claiming that he’s not Christ Taylor on his blog!

A couple of days ago he posted the following

Crazy People

It seems as though crazy people in the world are out there. A couple listed should be Dan Verg and Alex Botton. What a bunch of nut jobs…By the way, I am not Chris Taylor. He has his own web site now. Look at some time. But, I would prefer if everyone acts like adults instead of children such as in the case of Alex and Dan. Wow. How can these people act so crazy and still have people who support them money wise.

I have been in construction my whole life, and I don’t know all the B.S. about everything.  I am just taking a stand for my relative Chris Taylor.

So let us be adults and stop the crap. Shall we engage like adults or act like children? Act like adults. 

Ok, let’s look at that – the author claims not to be Chris, and that he works in construction….but what’s this in the blog’s ‘about me’ section?

Overpaid garden man who employs hard working Latinos. Believes in Capitalism and pay cuts for all gov. employees. American to the bone. Over eats but I can live with that. I don’t have any health problems. Live in Texas-the best state in America. Love all races but hate angry people. I write for fun. Married with numerous family members. I just want a piece of the American pie. Peace out and love thy neighbor as thy self.

Ooops! Poor hapless Chris, can’t even get his lies straight when he’s written them!

Anyway, I’ve invited Chris to appear on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast, let’s see if he’s willing.

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