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Who is @GodsWordIsLaw?

We all know him as the most rabidly homophobic hate spewing lunatic on Twitter, but just who is @GodsWordIsLaw? Thanks to a bit of digging by fellow twitter users a possible picture of Keith is starting to emerge. First, let’s go back to the late 90s…..

If you’ve clicked ‘play’ you’re now listening to ‘Gun Control IS Racist’ by Rocco Gotti (aka Pat Spearman) and Don Kennedy (aka Keith A Roberts). Yup, Keith was involved in a vanity published rap record back at the tail end of the Twentieth Century! Keith and Pat, with a little money behind them from their deodorant company, CORAD, hired a studio in St Paul, Minnesota, and paid Shoanna Zealand to front the project (after all, can’t have a rap act fronted by two middle class white business men!). Pat even got as far as being interviewed by Bill Maher, and you can read about that encounter, and more about the record (including a mediafire link to the whole album!) here. An archived copy of the label page for the release is here. There’s another article about CORAD Records here, with some amusingly inept quotes from Keith.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this Keith Roberts and the Keith Roberts who tweets as @GodsWordIsLaw are two totally different people, and if that’s the case, and the real Keith (ie NOT the froth mouthed maniac on Twitter) finds this page, I request that he leaves a comment, and I’ll immediately correct the article – I don’t want the wrong person being tarred with this particularly unpleasant brush!

Digging a little further, it seems that Keith’s political donations match what we’d expect from both CORAD Keith, and @GodsWordIsLaw Keith, as we see on this page if we search for Keith Roberts of White Bear Lake, MN – donations to the Republican party. It’s here that we find the clearest link between Keith Roberts of CORAD and Keith Roberts of @GodsWordIsLaw, as our Keith used to Tweet from the (now closed) @MBachmann4Pres Twitter account.

Are they the same person? Who knows. It seems entirely possible that they are, and, as I’ve said, if they’re not I’ll be gladly corrected, and make sure that an innocent party isn’t unfairly linked to the insanity of @GodsWordIsLaw. If they ARE the same person, then there’s a lesson here – no one is truly anonymous on the internet.

NOTE: ALL the information used in this post is readily available online, nothing underhand or illegal was done to obtain it.

Thanks to Twitter users @alephnaught and @joemygod for making the connections.

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13 thoughts on “Who is @GodsWordIsLaw?

  1. Hi Alex, and thanks for the mention!One thing that I think is worth adding to this is that Keith actually confirmed his surname was Roberts in this tweet.!/GodsWordIsLaw/statuses/119743995957096448Now this doesn't necessarily mean it's the *same* Keith Roberts of CORAD fame, but the surname is confirmed by Keith himself.Regards,@alephnaught

  2. keith is putting him self in danger for nothing why?

  3. The thing I find weird about it is that Keith appears to be the CEO of a company selling "Maxim Antiperspirant". According to their site they have sold in places like Wallmart, so may not be that small a company.Now – imagine if they get any bigger and the whole GodsWordIsLaw thing comes out. Rival companies are surely going to use that for an anti-PR campaign, as I'm sure many people would not want to buy his products if they know where the money will go.He's essentially creating bad publicity for his company.Part of me thinks that a good way to target him now is by posting links to his blogs/Twitter from the review pages of sites such as Amazon who are selling his goods. No need to use lies or go against freedom of speech – let people make their own minds up if they want to support such a man's wages.

  4. Oh, undoubtedly you're right. I'm guessing that there's a lot more traffic coming to his company via people who are very unhappy with him, and surely that'll be pushing his homophobia further up the Google rankings.

  5. To be fair, your article is pretty high on the search rankings for "Keith Roberts CORAD" too, Alex!BTW *if* this is the same Keith Roberts, he hasn't been posting to the CORAD Healthcare blog since 2008: you look at the profile, you'll find two other short-lived blogs on the profile.

  6. Wow. Interesting info. I've sparred with the Keith on many an occasion and he is truly crazy. — gary / @txgdb on Twitter

  7. Additional info: The reason we know Keith's surname is Roberts is due to the time he was supposedly organising a Million Man March for Morals, and created a Facebook page for this "event". For a time, there were no "like" to this FB page, then suddenly one "like" appeared. The like came from… One Keith Roberts of Minnesota. Here's his Facebook page. As you can see, it's the same gentleman in the picture @godswordislaw used for his Twitter avatar for a while, and you featured in this post.So that must the same guy, right? Er, not quite. I won't spoil the surprise, but try putting the image of Keith from your post into Google Image search, and see who comes up…

  8. This post has been removed by the author.

  9. I'm a atheist. But I understand Christianity preaches forgiveness and cheek-turning – this "godswordislaw" person doesn't appear to understand the primary tenets of his own creed – very sad

  10. So who cares who he is, or what? Why would any sane person use Twitter anyway and why do any of you? Don't you have a real life? Twitter is for morons like Kutcher and his predecessor, not humans.Ignore this moron and he'll die of boredom. There's no point in arguing with him as he feeds off that. Starve him of attention and watch him shrivel up.

  11. What's curious is that his little partner in crime on twitter is named Patrick.

  12. Nancy Nowles on said:

    Please read my blog posting, you might find it interesting.

    The Keith we know online is the same CORAD Keith. He has since blocked me because I was tweeting his information out online. If it wasn’t him why would he care and block me?

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