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Joe Cienkowski, Never Right


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5 thoughts on “Joe Cienkowski, Never Right

  1. Funny how you keep entertaining Joe. (Not really, since I knew you would expose that your refusal to engage me has nothing to do with what you think of me, but is simply the argument that you cannot defeat). I thought it would take longer to expose this fact, but thanks for your speedy post on Joe 🙂

  2. Think what you like Sye. Your 'argument' is a dead duck, but if it makes you feel less like you're wasting your life go right on ahead believing that you have a slam dunk proof for your god's existence. Btw, nice dodging over at Debunking Atheists. It's most amusing watching you trying to avoid answering questions.Anyway, that's my last response to you. From now on I'll be marking your comments as spam, and deleting them.

  3. For anyone who cares, Sye is continuing to post replies claiming that the 'real' reason I'm no longer willing to put up with his bullshit is because, deep down, I know he's right…or something.I'm sure he'll keep on, just as I'll keep hitting 'spam' and 'delete' – the only difference now being that I won't even be bothering to read his replies before I do so.

  4. Weird stuff really as; the hallux of Archeopteryx isn't elongated like perching birds, the fossil lacks a keel, and it lacks a furcula (wishbone), it has a bony jaw and lacks a pygostyle. You're not going to find any perching birds with those traits above.

  5. And of course, the list of feathered dinosaurs is now extensive…

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