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Keith, aka @GodsWordIsLaw, Goes Insane

Not Pictured: Sanity
From the time line of @GodsWordIsLaw come the following gems….

I think Keith has finally lost it, he’s now claiming that masturbation is a form of abortion! Keith, there’s only ONE thing to do – get some liquid latex, paint it over your old chap, bung that thing up good and proper!, make sure not a single innocent sperm is ever murdered ever again! Of course, you’ll need a catheter fitting to make sure you can still pee, but it’ll be worth it to prevent the next AMERICAN GENOCIDE!!

I’m more and more of the opinion that this guy is a Poe.

ADDENDUM – Fellow Christians are just as disturbed by Keith’s insanity as I am, as this blog post by Mark Hunter shows. 

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9 thoughts on “Keith, aka @GodsWordIsLaw, Goes Insane

  1. I wonder what his position is on…ahem…"nocturnal emissions".

  2. I think you're right Paul, and if that is the case, then that means (hilariously) that Bob has now buddied up with two Poes thinking they were genuine!

  3. What, you're not going to give me credit for introducing you to this guy? I'm leaning toward non-Poe, but if he is joking: Bravo!

  4. You always end up wallowing in such sordidness and vileness. Doesn't it ever make you sick in your soul? Perhaps your old denomination preached a false Christianity. You should re-examine it with an OPEN mind. You can be free of this mire of sick, sordid thinking. There must be despair at the back of your mind. You can be delivered from this.

  5. Hello again C., back to make a fool of yourself AGAIN?Perhaps, rather than talking to me about this, you should go directly to your fellow Christian, Keith, and ask HIM why he's such a total lunatic. You may deny it, but people like Keith are the true face of fundamentalist Christianity.

  6. Hi Alex,I read this post of your with great interest and realised you are right to flag this to the attention of atheists and Christians alike. I do not agree with his rants in the slightest and I was heavily influenced by your article to post a blog entry myself about it. I think you will be in general agreement with my comments – with exception to the proper "biblical" corrections. Fundamentalists, no matter who they are, always trip up.Anyway I'd be interested in hearing your comments. Regards,Mark

  7. Does anyone know anything about this Keith Roberts dude? He can't be for real. It's gotta be satire – nobody is this crazy.

  8. I can't decide – just when I'm resigning myself to him being real, he does something that makes me convinced he's Poe…..and then he does something that's so dedicated to being a hatefilled dickbag that I think he must be real.

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