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Coward Bob

After the poll on Bob Sorensen’s blog returned an overwhelming ‘Call Fundamentally Flawed!’ vote, I sent a polite email to him to arrange a time. This is what I sent –


Given that your readers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of you appearing on the podcast, we need to arrange a time when you’ll be able to call in. As I previously said, we’re willing to pay for a New York State local Skype number for you to call, meaning you don’t have to spend anything to speak to us.

I very much hope you’ll follow through on your poll, and will be tremendously disappointed if you find an excuse not to discuss your religion and your views on evolution with us.



Fundamentally Flawed

Reasonable enough I feel. I’ve received a reply from the self titled Piltdown Superman – 

I missed the part where I promised to do this.

…not even a ‘Regards’ at the end!

Disappointing. The people have spoken, his readers have made it clear that they want him to call the show, but Bob (as predicted by a LOT of people, if I’m honest) has chickened out. I don’t know why I’d expected him to actually man up and go through with it? Perhaps, despite the impression he gives of being a loud noise in a tiny little pond, uninterested in actually learning anything or engaging in a meaningful manner with anyone who disagrees with him, I’d hoped there was a human being with a sense of honour or even pride sitting in that apartment in Kingston, New York. Seems I was wrong. 

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