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Fundie Flawed Episode 15: Dustin Segers and Sye Ten Bruggencate

Yup, there’s a new episode of the podcast available NOW. I’d better warn you, it’s very long (over 2 hours), so you might need to listen to it in a couple of sittings. You’ll hear Jim and I discussing a range of things with Dustin Segers, and booting Sye Ten Bruggencate off the show for acting like a child.

Click, and it shall be yours.

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4 thoughts on “Fundie Flawed Episode 15: Dustin Segers and Sye Ten Bruggencate

  1. This was really good. Thanks for posting it. Made it through the whole thing. Overall, a very nice discussion.

  2. Just a quick response to one of Dusman's last comments in the locked thread.You said this of his argument:1. If intelligibility then God.2. Intelligibility.3. Therefore God."is a good argument, if fucking HILARIOUS.He replied:It is not only a valid argument (i.e., the conclusion logically follows from the premises), but based on God as the ultimate authority, it is sound as well. Therefore it stands.He is begging the question and so his argument can be dismissed. The conclusion of the argument is that God exists, but in order to reach this conclusion he is basing his first premise on God existing as the ultimate authority. Once again, he has already assumed his conclusion in his premises. I once asked Sye to prove that he exists and he was unable to do so for the very same reason (see here). Debunker Dan tried to defend Sye with the usual 'purple penguin' defence, with hilarious consequences. I recommend reading it to anyone in need of a laugh.

  3. Dan is hilariously out of his depth there.

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