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Christian Blogger Ryft Gets Spinning.

In the comments for this article, a couple of faith heads locked themselves into some hard circular reasoning, and refused to budge from it. One of them, a chap calling himself ‘Ryft’ (but who his mum calls David), kept insisting that, though the Earth is obviously very old, the Biblical account of creation is NOT wrong – when I asked him to explain how this could be, he pulled the typical apologist stunt of blitzing me with requests to prove him wrong…..

The whole thing reached a pointless end and I locked the comments out of boredom and frustration at the two of them being incapable of giving straight answers. You can read the whole lot here.

Well, today David has written an article on his blog spinning the whole encounter into something that doesn’t resemble the reality you’re able to read at all. Unsurprisingly, Alan/Rhology, has added his ‘wisdom’ to the debate as well.

Want to look into the mind of insanity? Click here for David’s blog post. Sadly he seems to have forgotten to allow comments on his page, so I’ll just have to live with this post being my reply.

Pay attention especially to this bit –

Obviously I disagree that the earth being old directly contradicts the Bible so I insisted that he shoulder his burden of proof. …. Well, of course we cannot have that so with a parting gratuitous invective he disabled the commenting feature on the article.

….which doesn’t match reality even one little bit, as I’d already pointed out the Biblical reasons for thinking that it preaches a Young Earth Creation. There is a prize for anyone who can spot the ‘parting gratuitous invective’.

ADDENDUM: David has responded on his blog! Read, and weep –

“There is a prize for anyone who can spot the ‘parting gratuitous invective’,”[1] referring to my accusation. I am happy to claim that non-existent prize: ‘Ryft, I’m through with you as well. You’re just as bad as Alan for avoiding direct questions'”

I think poor David needs to get out more if he counts that as ‘gratuitous invective‘ (if you want to see what I’d call ‘gratuitous invective’ then click here or here). Anyway, if you’re interested on more spin from Mr R, just read his blog.

ADDENDUM THE SECOND: Seems that I’m not the only one who feels that David has been a little fast and loose with his account, as the comments on his blog show.

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