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Wisdom from Twitter Homophobe @GodsWordIsLaw

The first thing you’ll notice when you click on @GodsWordIsLaw’s twitter feed is just how relentlessly obsessed the man is with gay sex, so obsessed that you’d be hard pressed to find a gay man tweeting this much about ‘sodomy’.

Amongst his many hate-filled musings today are the following jems –

 No such thing as a homo conservative. Sodomy is a detestable act + only the morally corrupt practice it (liberals)

Perverts are resigned to the Democrats. We do not accept the morally bankrupt into the

Is that so? Are you sure of that? How about the Gay Republicans Forum? Or the gay Republican running for mayor in San Diego? Or what about all of these sex scandals? Oops. The links just keep coming….., and further show how completely wrong Keith/GodsWordIsLaw is.

To be honest, I’m starting to think he’s a parody account….

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