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Joe Cienkowski Doesn’t Understand Logic

Let’s go through Joe’s rather muddled statement. First he claims that his god is never illogical, then illustrates this by showing just how illogical the concept of the Trinity is. I’ll break it down for Joe, you can rewrite ‘Jesus is God, Father is God, Jesus isn’t the Father’ as ‘A equals B, C equals B, A does not equal C’, which would only work if ‘God’ was a name for a group of people, which in the context it’s not.

Let’s look at it another way, as ‘Father’ and ‘God’ are two names for the same being, we can simplify to this – ‘A = B, B = B, A =/= B’ – as we see, it’s illogical nonsense, as Joe is basically saying that Jesus is God but that Jesus ISN’T God in the same sentence!

Poor, confused dolt.

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