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Is William Lane Craig a Coward?

It would seem so, as he’s apparently going out of his way to avoid debating John Loftus. Now, considering that Lane Craig is crowing about various atheists not wanting to debate with him (mostly due to his style of debate it must be said), it seems a little rich that he’s running scared from an atheist who’s desperate to talk to him!

You can read more about Lane Craig’s apparent cowardice here and here.

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10 thoughts on “Is William Lane Craig a Coward?

  1. When's the chicken Photoshop for Richard Dawkins going up, then?And Loftus would be a colossal waste of time. I have approximately zero respect for him. Even you have better arguments.

  2. Tu quoque much?

  3. Didn't say WLC wasn't a coward or was, either way, so no tu quoque.I'm pointing out your hypocrisy.

  4. Mine? I'm not Dawkins, so what is his refusal to debate Lane Craig to do with me?

  5. Loftus is a CRETIN! He is laughably retarded, both in his arguments and his presentation.HE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO ALL ATHEISTS!You should be THANKFUL that Craig will not deign to humiliate this mealy mouthed, bumbling, semi-literate moron.

  6. Ah, C. has joined us. I'm surprised you've come back after the humiliations of your previous showings.

  7. Have YOU listened to the debate between John W Flatus and Dinesh DSouza?

  8. What's that got to do with the FACT that you've made an arse of yourself on this blog more than once?

  9. "Botten". Sounds like "Bottom". How appropriate. You are just some loud mouthed boor like Rik Mayall or Eddie Hitler. You need to stop learning your worldview from those two nihilistic losers. That cannot be a happy existence, at the Botten of the barrel. You are just a living caricature of angry liberals like "Rick" from the "Young Ones".

  10. C., you show a distinct lack of understanding of Rick, so either get it straightened out, or stop impugning the almighty glory that is "The Young Ones".

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