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Following the Podcast with Blogger ‘Rhology’

Jim posted the following on the Fundamentally Flawed website

I just wanted to say sorry for losing my cool. I’ve been in denial of a growing drink problem for a while now. You make your mistakes in public. It’s when you don’t learn from them you make a fool of yourself. I hope the language didn’t offend anyone. It won’t happen again. If you want to pray for me, can I also ask that you donate $5 to UNICEF. Thanks and sorry once again.

Whilst I agree that Jim lost his cool towards the end, and that it possibly gave Rhology an easy ‘out’, I think it would be a shame for it to overshadow the other hour and twenty minutes of the show where Rhology stumbled from one disastrously poorly thought out point to the next.

His attempts at defending his Creationism were laughable, relying on numerous ‘how do you know there wasn’t as reason for my god making the Universe look ancient?’ statements before falling back on Ken Ham’s favourite ‘Where you there?’. To be honest, when someone comes out with ‘where you there?’ they’re pretty much admitting defeat.

So, despite Jim’s outburst, Rhology was very much on the ropes at the end, unable to explain fully why we should take his views seriously, and being shown to hold a double standard when he became annoyed at being told what he thought, despite it being (apparently) perfectly OK for him and other presuppositionists to exactly the same thing.

Ultimately, we could have edited out all the stuff that made us look bad, but I think it’s a credit to Fundamentally Flawed that we didn’t attempt to airbrush the show, and even made the full, unedited version available for download. We’re not perfect, but at least we take responsibility for our actions, rather than claiming ‘Satan made me do it’.

Anyway, on Friday next week Jim and I will be debating Dustin Segers and Sye Ten Bruggencate on the show, in what should hopefully be the final discussion of the wholly circular TAG.

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