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Fundamentally Flawed Episode 14: Debate with Christian Blogger Rhology

Have a listen, it’s pretty heated.

And if you’re interested, here’s an mp3 of the unedited audio –

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4 thoughts on “Fundamentally Flawed Episode 14: Debate with Christian Blogger Rhology

  1. Hi guys,I hope you take constructive criticism from your listeners…I recommend not having so many people involved in an audio debate. It is very hard to follow along when 5+ voices are talking over one another most of the time. Rather than a free-for-all, it would be better to let one person represent your side with very occasional input from the others.

  2. Absolutely agree! We've worked out a new system that should see things get less fraught in future. Also it's unlikely that we'll have quite so many people on again, as I don't think Kev will be joining us on forthcoming shows – lovely bloke, but did have an unfortunate habit of derailing the discussion right in the middle of interesting bits.

  3. Good to hear. I thought you made some good points in the parts where you were allowed to speak uninterrupted, and Rhology was too often let off the hook by others jumping in and derailing…

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