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Mainstream Christians….

…believing that an invisible super being impregnated his own mother so that he could then sacrifice himself to himself to fulfil a need he himself came up with to atone for ‘sins’ that he himself was the author of (being the source of all things), who then came back to life after three days so he could sit at his own right hand in glory, since 33AD.

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3 thoughts on “Mainstream Christians….

  1. No wonder you "left" Christianity. You are so ignorant you never understood it in the first place. This post describes the modalist heresy. Maybe you should try attending T.D. Jake's church. I assume you were some mindless, shallow Pentecostal who barked like a dog in between bouts of rolling around on the floor in bouts of "holy laughter". No wonder you feel like a fool and left. But that is not true Christianity. Just google "Athanasian Creed" for the correct ontology of God and Christ.

  2. If you'd spent a couple of minutes reading the blog you'd see I was brought up a Christadelphian, about as far from being someone who 'barked like a dog' and 'rolling around on the floor' as it's possible to be (without being a self important Calvinist PRICK like yourself)So, let's look at your posts so far – firstly you confirm every single criticism I laid at Calvinisms door by doing EXACTLY what I said you would, and then you got my origins dead wrong. Care to try for a third shot at humiliating yourself?

  3. C. Andiron, exactly which part of the OP do you think is wrong? It sounds like a completely accurate description to me.

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