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An Invitation to Christian Blogger Rhology

Rhology, instead of this endless back and forth on blog comments I invite you to Skype into the Fundamentally Flawed podcast, an episode of which we’ll be recording this evening. We’ll even stay up late (we’re mostly in the UK) to accommodate you. You only have to add Skype username theealex and we’ll be good to go. I can assure you no-one will be rude to you, no-one will mute your mic, and you’ll be given ample opportunity to explain your position.

Up for the challenge? Cos, to be honest, it’s the only interaction I’m willing to give you from this moment on…I promise I will answer any and all questions you have for me, with the proviso you do the same. 

UPDATE: Almost 2 hours after posting this invitation I’ve yet to have a response from Rhology, in fact he’s gone rather quiet. I’ll post more if he replies. 

UPDATE: Just done recording the episode. Things got a little heated a couple of times, and I’ll be editing the broadcast version but uploading the uncut version as well for people to listen to if they want to – we’ve nothing to hide at Fundamentally Flawed.

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7 thoughts on “An Invitation to Christian Blogger Rhology

  1. Wow, a whole 2 hours and no response from me! I went to lunch. I'm a normal guy. Blogging is hardly my whole life.Thank you for the invitation. I would like to do it and I think I can this evening, but let me check with those I need to check with and I'll email you soon.

  2. Yes, I gratefully accept your invitation. I emailed you. Thank you, talk to you soon!

  3. haven't received an email – which address did you send to?

  4. Hmm, it was the fundamentallyflawedpodcast at gmail, from your Contact Us page. can email me if you like. rhology gmail

  5. Ah, yes, that's the main podcast email, I think Jim has access to that. I'll give him a call.

  6. OK, I'll email you direct, as Jim is out and about.

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