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And It’s Not Just Raissa

No, there are plenty of other right wing religious hate-loons out there, take this charmer, @GodsWordIsLaw for example –

Nothing but insanity and frothmouthed hatred and rage. This last one though, this last one is genuinely disturbing –

– this man is actively looking forward to seeing fellow human beings tortured. Sickening.

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5 thoughts on “And It’s Not Just Raissa

  1. Bring the troops back to enforce sodomy laws? You know who I'd be reporting first? @GodsWordIsLawKarma? Karma for laughing at the suffering of other people… wouldn't that be JOINING them? "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers… etc?"

  2. Funny how he doesn't mention the 100's of billions of fetuses that are naturally aborted. And if those are 'lives', as these morons argue, then that is BILLIONS of lives ended because of hetrosexuality – at least homosexuality only affects the consensual partners. Heterosexual sex is murder.Not to mention the women and children who die during childbirth. And, on Christianity (drop everything and follow Jesus), we wouldn't have proper medical care so billions more would have died.And he ignores all the Christian's who are getting AIDS (especially in Africa) because they are too ignorant and fearful to wear a condom. And the innocent children born to those parents who get AIDS.

  3. Yeah, Keith conveniently ignores those things

  4. I don't understand his beef with aids and homosexuality. Aren't homosexuality and AIDS a part of his god's plan?

  5. I'm losing all tolerance for all theists. The moderates hide behind what they see as being good in religion, while GodsWordIsLaw represents the true face of, in this instance, Christianty.

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