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When Fundamentally Flawed Met Sye and Eric

Last night Jim and I went toe to toe with Sye ‘TAG!TAG!TAG!TAG!’ TenBruggencate and Eric ‘Son of Kent’ Hovind. We’d hoped to be able to discuss the many many flaws in Eric’s inherited Creationism, but the entire hour and a half was railroaded by Sye relentlessly trying to prise the answers he wanted out of us (and failing)

About 54 minutes in Sye suddenly, out of nowhere, asked me about a comment on another blog where I’d described him as a ‘despicable human being’ for the relentlessness of his lies. In my mind this was entirely unprofessional, more suited to a reply on this blog, or even in the original comments thread, not something for a public discussion. Weirdly the very fact that he did this, allowing his petty annoyance at a throwaway blog comment, posted in haste and employing hyperbole to spill over, unbidden into the discussion merely reinforced and confirmed my original statement.

To clarify for Sye (as I know he’ll be popping along eventually thanks to a Google alert or two)  – Sye, I believe you to be a liar or insanely deluded. I believe the very fact that you are teaching others how to spew out the same ridiculous TAG nonsense makes you, as I said before, a despicable human being. You’re giving Christians a tool to defend their faith that is so unfit for the purpose that they will be laughed at….and the worst thing is you CAN’T OR WONT SEE how poorly worked out your argument is, which isn’t surprising considering how much you’ve invested in it. You have allowed yourself to become ENTIRELY defined by ONE SINGLE ARGUMENT…..and that argument is so insanely and obviously circular that most will see right through it.

For further clarification I would point out that Sye’s insistence that I ‘google [his] name’ is complete nonsense, I hear about his antics via various Facebook groups, and I’ve made no secret of my interactions with him (they’re all documented here – and there are very few of them).

Anyway, have a listen to the show, but I can’t promise that you’ll not find yourself overwhelmed with frustration.

EDIT: Jim has written at length about his experience of the show –

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