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Bob Sorensen, Liar For Jesus

Yes, you’re reading that correctly, Bob really did say ‘there is pitifully poor evidence supporting evolution’ and, as we know, this is a barefaced lie.
Even if it were true, it wouldn’t make the Biblical Creation, for which there is ZERO evidence, automatically true. Bob needs to realise this, because he’s just making himself look as stupid as Joe Cienkowski.
Bob, I know you’ll end up reading this – when are you going to act like the manly men you so admire and appear on Fundamentally Flawed? If that’s too much for you how about you join the Creationist Discussion Group on Facebook? Your ongoing refusal to do either is starting to stink of cowardice.
One last thing – what’s with Creationists starting to use the language they are attacked with to attack evolution? I’ve seen idiocy like ‘Science of the Gaps’ chucked around, and even read Creationists calling those who don’t dispute reality ‘fundies’ (which is funny, cos when it’s them it’s OK to be a fundamentalist, yet they fling the word like an insult). It’s like children parroting the language their parents use yet getting the meaning entirely wrong….utterly bizarre.

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