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An Open Challenge

Old Circular Sye, Bullshitter in Chief at the risible Sinner Ministries, and owner of the comically inaccurately named, is trying to goad me into a FOURTH debate with him. Obviously not satisfied with the increasingly firm drubbings he received in the first three encounters, he wants to come back for another pasting, thinking that a live debate with a moderator will give him more of a chance at not leaving looking like a fool.

I’ve told him I will happily debate him live, with one proviso – he brings an argument other than the done-to-death TAG. You can witness his response in the comments here, as you can see he’s rather unhappy about the possibility of having to debate something other than his prelearned script.

The funniest thing is that he’s claiming that what I’m demanding is akin to only agreeing to an arm wrestle if my opponent has both arms tied behind his back. He doesn’t realise that I’m actually offering the EXACT opposite, I’m giving him a chance to bring something other than his failed circular crap. I could easily go into a live debate and deal with Sye, as it would be no different to the third conversation we had, but I’m trying to get him to try and think outside of his heavily rehearsed box.

So far his reactions indicate that he can’t do so….which I take as a tacit admission that I’ve defeated him, and graciously accept victory in the debate.

Challenge Already Met

You’re looking at two posts I deleted when I started my blanket ‘delete Sye’ policy. Old Circular Sye, Bullshitter in Chief at Sinner Ministries, apparently isn’t satisfied with three lengthy discussions with him, and is trying to goad me into a fourth….gods alone know why, I’ve nothing left to say to him. If you want to hear the my final interaction with the Circular one, go here, and you’ll see why I have nothing more to say to this fraud and charlatan.

I’m an Idiot

It’s true, I’m a fucking idiot. I’ve allowed one of the most relentless Christian irritants, Sye Ten Bruggencate, to worm his way back into being responded to on this blog.

Shame on me. Right, need to correct this error.

Note to self – mark as spam, then delete, DO NOT engage.

Todd Pitner Challenge UPDATED


Todd Pitner is a dishonest, deluded, self important, liar. And I’ll give him no more free publicity.

Christians, One Day You Are Going to Die

Over at the hilariously inept Debunking Atheists blog, Dodger Dan, the Don of Avoiding Giving a Straight Answer posted the following in the (well worth reading) comments here…..

“We all will be in Heaven to discuss these matters of where, and what, we got wrong and such. That will be the most epic “podcast” in mankind’s history. Care to join us in that discussion?”

The following is my response, slightly edited to make it applicable to all believers –

It won’t happen, because there is no heaven (also the Bible pretty clearly preaches a Kingdom on Earth, so even if WERE true you still wouldn’t be in heaven).

Here’s what is going to happen. Assuming you don’t die in your sleep, you will have a moment, when you’re very old, when you realise that you’ve wasted your only life, and you’ll look back on these events and wish you’d listened to those of us who cared enough to engage with you. You’ll remember the people who tried to free you from your religious slavery for no reason other than it being the right thing to do (no promise of an eternal reward for us!).

You will look back at a life wasted, and you will realise that those times will never return. And you will die, and be gone forever. Remembered as the man who spent his whole life thinking he was stopping people walking blindly over a cliff when, in reality, there was no cliff at all and people were looking at him in pity as they went about their daily lives.

That is how this is going to play out, and I can say that with 100% certainty.

The thing is, Christians, Muslims, Jews, all people of faith, you KNOW this deep down. At the core of your being you know this is all there is – why else would you ask people to pray for sick friends and relatives? Why else would you make sure your children are immunised and made aware of the dangers of this world? A finite life on Earth, compared to an infinite life in the Kingdom of God, is nothing, merely the blink of an eye – so why care about those who die? Why cry at a funeral of a loved one if you’re going to be seeing them soon? Why do anything to prolong life at all?

In fact, as the Bible seems to show that unbaptised children get a free pass automatically to the Kingdom, why teach your offspring how to be safe? Surely you’d be doing them a far greater favour by allowing them to be killed on the road, or choking on a piece of Lego? No, the very reason you DON’T do that is because you KNOW, deep in your core, that THIS is IT.

To borrow from one of Circular Sye’s favourite phrases, you know the truth that this life is the only one you’ll ever live, but you deny it in misplaced self-righteousness.

Fundamentally Flawed Episode 20: Todd Pitner and Richard Morgan

Third episode in as many days (we’ve been keen this weekend!)….this time Jim flies solo and has an informal chat with Christians Todd Pitner and Richard Morgan.


Quite a Month

October has been pretty hectic, not only have I broken the previous record for ‘most posts in a month’ (previously held by February), but Fundamentally Flawed has recorded a lot of episodes. The reason I’ve had so much time is due to changing my job, and having a brief gap between finishing doing one thing, and starting doing another.

I’ve three weeks before I start my new role, so I’ll be making sure that I have a load of work finished before I’m back to giving my energy to a day job.

What is Truth?

Ol’ Circular Sye, Bullshitter-in-Chief at Sinner Ministries’ risible and misnamed ‘Proof That God Exists’ website has recently been repeating, to anyone who’ll listen, that I said ‘I don’t know’ when he asked me what ‘truth’ is during this conversation.

When I answered, honestly, that I could not define ‘truth’ it was only because I have never stopped to really think about HOW I would define something I instinctively know. Being aware of the way Circular Sye ‘debates’, I refused to be drawn into giving an answer that was not properly considered. My Fundamentally Flawed podcasting colleague, Jim Gardner, had a similar problem on a recent show (one that he has subsequently addressed, as you can hear in this lengthy discussion)

I have now considered my answer, and am willing to give it. Truth is that which conforms to reality or actuality. There may be objective and subjective truths, but at it’s most basic, I would say the definition given above is perfectly functional.

So, there you go, that’s my answer.  Hopefully that crap-hawking, fraud, and lying for money, bullshitter Circular Sye will now shut the fuck up.

@Jocylean Lays Down a Challenge

Can a single Creationist provide evidence to meet the challenge?

Fundamentally Flawed Episode 19: David Smart aka Ryft

A very interesting discussion with David Smart from

Make it yours.

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