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Miss Raissa, Hypocrite and Massive Liar

Poor Miss Raissa, her increased paranoia, combined with her relentless, almost psychotic, need to be in control at all times, has started not only deleting ‘offending’ posts from her blog, but IP blocking as well. They way she’s going she’ll soon have no readers left – which won’t be a bad thing.

In the last few days she’s been getting particularly upset about the reaction to an article she wrote about PETA, the reaction came after she posted these comments….

What led to her blocking ME was my repeated asking about Raissa’s own, well documented, use of her body to further HER aims.

Not Pictured: Principles.

Compare these two things –

PETA: Goal, to get people to treat animals ethically. Means, posing naked or nearly naked
RAISSA: Goal, to get judges to vote her ‘most Beautiful’ at a Beauty Pageant. Means, posing naked or nearly naked.

These things are almost exactly the same, apart from one tiny thing – PETA are doing it for a reason that actually has some merit.


Seems Raissa can’t handle the truth, as she’s deleted my comments pointing this out, and has blocked me from even seeing her site (which, as you can tell, hasn’t worked)


As an added bonus, when I was looking for the pictures of Raissa that I knew existed I found the following

From the final paragraph “Raïssa’s dream is to help her family back in Africa who are currently struggling in the war. They barely have anything to eat or drink and she wants to take them out of that misery one day.” – that’s not strictly true, as when Raissa wrote that her family were safely, and very comfortably living in Canada…in fact, looking at the dates on some of the photographs in this album on her father’s business site it would appear that her family have been very well off since well before Raissa was born!

1996, note lack of ‘misery’

But perhaps I’m being unkind, perhaps she meant someone else in her family had ‘…barely have anything to eat or drink…‘, perhaps her aunt was trapped in some gods forsaken hell hole, dodging bullets, and living hand to mouth, struggling with her husband each day in a battle of wills with Death himself?

My Sister Rose and her husband Dikembe Mutombo


I can only imagine that Raissa slipped when she wrote her bio on, and meant to say “Raïssa had a dream where her family was back in Africa and were struggling in the war. They barely had anything to eat or drink and she wanted to take them out of that misery, then she woke up and remembered none of that was true.”

The lesson? Don’t lie on the internet, people will find you out.

NOTE: None of these pictures have been gathered by any form of subterfuge, all are easily available to the public by using Google, and are published on publicly available sites.

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One thought on “Miss Raissa, Hypocrite and Massive Liar

  1. As for the languages she claims she can speak….. if it is not on the Lingala wikipedia page, she is unable to use it. Can't even translate a simple sentence. When I called her on her bullshit, she avoids the question.

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