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Raissa’s True Motives Revealed

And so it came to pass, after toying with adwords in the text of her blog posts and comments, and a brief flirtation with a straight advert, Raissa revealed her real reason for blogging – to make some quick bucks. Obviously aware of the large number of enraged visitors, believers and non-believers alike, her purposefully inflammatory ‘articles’ were attracting, the dollar signs lit up in her eyes.

She started slow, with a completely out of place ‘guest post’ about fashion (now deleted, but screen capped at the bottom of this article), and then was followed by an outright advert masquerading as a serious article.

Advertising for Jesus

Linking to a site that hawks Christian slogan emblazoned sportswear to the faithful who think that Jesus will be pleased if their tracksuit has a cross on it when they’re working out, Raissa has blatantly gone for the cash. I’m guessing that her ‘donate’ button wasn’t generating the kind of mullah that a spoiled little princess like Raissa thinks she’s worth.

 ‘In Jesus Name I Play’?? Could this BE any crasser?

I wasn’t the only person to notice this, as you can see….

Raissa’s reaction to being called out on this? Banning the IP addresses of those who ‘dared’ to criticise her.

What Raissa doesn’t seem to understand is her ENTIRE audience is made up of people who disagree with her. Read the comments on her posts, they’re not made up of a to and fro between atheists and Christians, they are almost ALL non-believers pointing out what a vile, hateful, wilfully ignorant woman she is. If she blocks all the atheists her blog will be as much a ghost town as her Facebook ‘fan’ page is (a page that’s LOSING ‘likers’ with each day that passes).

At the end of the day it seems that Raissa is more interested in money and fashion than actually thinking about anything in any depth – certainly when faced with the news that a 14 year old boy from New York had committed suicide due to homophobic bullying, she refused to explain why, given that she says homosexuality is a choice, the poor kid didn’t just change his mind and become straight, rather than ending his life. People like Raissa are directly responsible for the fear young homosexuals feel every single day, directly responsible for situations that lead to the loss of young life…..yet she’d rather turn a quick buck than think about her actions.


Here’s the now deleted fashion article, note the adword links in the text (click to ‘bigger it‘) –

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2 thoughts on “Raissa’s True Motives Revealed

  1. I don't know why you guys are on Raissa. See her as your sister and treat her with love and respect. I beg you please. Thank you. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~Plato

  2. It's because she's an unrepentant hatemonger.

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