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Bob Sorensen (@piltdownsupermn) May Have Deleted This….

…..but that doesn’t mean it can’t be saved by Google Cache and reposted here! I present Bob’s ‘Internet Love Letters’, a collection of his interactions with atheists where he committed numerous logical fallacies, whilst (incorrectly) accusing others of the same. I’m guessing he deleted it out of sheer embarrassment, but he should realise that nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet!

I present – ‘Internet Love Letters’, by Bob ‘Stormbringer’ Sorensen…..

Internet Love Letters

This page is graphics intensive.
Also, it is a work in progress because I plan to keep adding to it. For
a while, at least. While most of these are directed at me, I have a few
gems showing the irrational hatred toward those of us who dare to
disagree with evolution.
When I show flaws in evolution, which is the cornerstone of the
religion of atheism, people act like the semi-sentient savage
sub-humanoid transitional forms that they deludedly claim as their
ancestors. Logic? “Freethinking”? Rational discourse? Out the window!
Logical fallacies? Move to the front of the line, please!
What is ironic is that, when I began this project, these attacks came
when atheists were trolling a creationist discussion on Twitter. I
replied, they swarmed like piranhas, got reinforcements, continued
after that, yada, yada, yada. Don’t let them scare or intimidate you.
Those of us who know how they operate realize that these unproductive
members of society are predictable and, ultimately, boring. It really
upsets them when people like me challenge these bullies instead of
rolling over.
This trolling trend continued. I would be in a discussion (or simply
responding) to one person, suddenly there are four on the Tweet. So, I
would respond to four. Come get some!

The few that are
willing to
honestly examine the evidence
may come away with some different perspectives. But despite the links I
gave, they would rather attack (even to the point of humiliating
themselves) than think. Content warning on this link: They
hate being exposed for their hypocrisy and double standards, and
complain about my exposing them for who they are.
Some of them are
so prideful, so arrogant, I found out later that they would still be
sending me message long after I blocked them!
By the way, can
you think of anything more arrogant than the belief that Christians are
stupid by default? The articles on this site show the absurdity of that

I’m starting with

See “begging the question”, even though it
resembles “Argument from Silence” and “False Dilemma” with the way it’s
phrased. Also, I can’t help but wonder about his “proof” from “the
anger and abuse I get from believers”. The profile itself screams,
“Chip on my shoulder!”, so is this alleged “anger and abuse” simply
because someone dares to have the effrontery to disagree with the
mighty atheist?
Just curious. There are other logic fails here, but let’s move on.

guy did not give evidence against the facts presented in the article,
he simply resorted to hasty generalization and ad hominem. Worse, the
article I linked had nothing to do with the bomber that he was
railing about!

guy fancies himself a genius. He also just fancies himself.
This “genius” resorts to ad hominem and hasty generalization.

this written at the pub? That would explain some things. See what I
mean? Hatred causes brain malfunctions, and atheism causes brain
damage. Alcohol may intensify effect.
Pay attention, class!
This is one of the most common and biggest atheist
tricks: I call it “Declaration” — they declare something, and by magic,
it becomes reality. In this case, @Paul_Baird retracted his claim that
I am posing as Rhomphaia (which includes the utterly stupid concept
that I have written a different Weblog under a different style under a
different gender for
years). In fact, he became angry when I reminded him of his accusation.
Good thing I have the screen shots! No, I say what I have to say here,
at Stormbringer’s Thunder and other places where my identity is quite
clear. I don’t have time to make up and maintain entire Weblogs under
other names and
genders for
years. Atheists insist that Christians are automatically stupid, but come on! This
kind of declaration helps prove my own hypothesis that atheism
causes brain damage. Also, that blind hatred stupidifies people.

I said, he admitted that I am not Rhomphaia. Several months later, he
changed his tune.
matters to you because…? I suppose having multiple accounts is
supposed to negate what I have to say, somehow. And yet, I am not the
record-holder of multiple Weblogs. I know of some atheists that have
several, are they negated or “sad” as well?

what I mean about ganging up and attacking instead of discussing? Baird
has been caught in that lie before, and denied it. His pal is bringing
up another old lie, that I am a Weblogger named Rhomphaia. People will
say anything when motivated by hate.

find it rather alarming that this troll, who was attacking
Creationists, claims to be a teacher. Great, he can brainwash kids with
his hateful, unscientific presuppositions.
See what I mean? I reply to one, another is
brought in to troll. Count the fallacies! Also, they don’t grasp that my screen name is
based on one of the greatest embarrassments of fraud in
evolutionary “science” history!
was so very helpful to the discussion.
of atheists, to assume that Christians are stupid, lying or both. I backed
up my claim with a link, but these people are not interested in
evidence, only accusations.
was this a lazy copy and paste job, or did you lose track of your
multiple names, Skippy?

should start a game show, “Name Those Logical Fallacies”.
took some effort to find something from him that I could put up here
that wouldn’t offend large groups of people.
one was kind enough to send me a logical fallacy while I was working on
this page. I was unwilling to debate, he followed their script book.
anyone else see the irony of this message by someone claiming to be
see… assertion, straw man argument, ad hominem — hey, I
thought atheism was NOT a religion!
like this help me to grow as a person. I’m so thankful!
that this one, who is probably another kid living in Mommy’s basement,
horned in when I was not even talking to him. Ad hominem, of
course. No wonder some of us find atheists boring and predictable.
And now a few from other places on the Internet. We’ll start with an
evolutionist atheist
attacking another commenter and me on one of my Weblogs. I edited out
the name of the other person and the profanity of the attacker (click
for larger):
long before this sociopath moves from suggestions that I kill myself
into actual death threats?
Ray Comfort
announced that he was taking time off from “Atheist
Central” because his mother died. While some atheists were acting like
actual people, several were vicious, contemptible losers. And so were
the ones who gave the comments the “thumbs up” ratings!
is even more sick and twisted is that this attacker is pretending to be
doing Ray a favor
particular troll is in my personal hall of fame, material has been sent
to me that is too vicious and obscene to post. Note the gross
misrepresentation as well as the attempted emotional manipulation. If
he was skilled at this, he would be dangerous.
will keep asking, but I know there will be no intelligent response: If
atheists are so clever, “rational” and all that rot, why are they so
horrible at logic? This one is strictly an absurd emotional reaction.

And now, a
short bombardment that I received by another brilliant rocket surgeon:

was very considerate. He not only used the classic definition of the tu
 logical fallacy, but inserted a kind of ad populum “everybody
who understands evolution knows its true” fallacy. By the way, which evolutionary
theory? There are several competitors.
he that ignorant of evolutionary theories? I have documented
their belief that everything came from nothing elsewhere on this page.

 with a side of Straw Man fallacy. To go, please. Addendum:  He attempted to
justify this logic fail with another one, the he does know children who
understand evolution better than I do. So, he knows how well I
understand evolution from a few “Tweets”? Also, it shows a common atheist
evolutionist presupposition: If you understand evolution, you’ll accept
it. Sorry, but there are many people who understand it and reject
evolution. Shall we start with physicians and surgeons,
or jump into other scientific
? Nah, I’ll do both.

last comments he made were an attempt at Argument from Silence; that if
I do not give him what he wants here and now,
I am therefore dodging the question. Also note that when I
pointed out his earlier tu quoque logic fail, he
simply laughed at it.

blending of Straw Man fallacy with ad hominem. Do you see
why I block trolls? I have other things to read.
troll only wanted to attack, even when I did the research to answer a
question. He needs to see my
article about the Genetic Fallacy.
of their track record, I have serious doubts that this intellectual
giant bothered to read the linked article. And even if he had, he did
not bother to offer any refutation, just an ad hominem followed
by an evolutionary cheerleading propaganda piece. I kind of wonder if
this was a distant ad
fallacy as well.
he is a troll because he simply comes along and attacks
me. Next, note the logic error before the deleted profanity: “That’s
your MO when challenged”. No, that’s my MO when annoyed by obnoxious
and/or persistent trolls as well as obstreperous, recalcitrant fools.
Sweetums here continued his profane diatribe. If you read his Twitter
timeline, you can easily see that he is not interested in rational
By the way, I’ve blocked people on Twitter before they
have “tweeted” because I have seen their timelines, and do not wish to
associate with people like that.
This looks like a combination of hasty generalization, selective citing
and fallacious appeal to motive. Such dispassionate use of stunning
intellect makes me want to become an atheist,
you betcha!
posting a video
documenting how atheist
mass murderers justified their actions, I received a pathetic tu
of, “Hitler was a Christian”. Of course, nobody believes
this except the atheists who want to rewrite history and ignore the
facts. Nevertheless, this guy kept going with his tu quoque red
I’ll let you work out that amazing arrogance and appalling fallacies in
this one for yourselves.
Fallacy” in action: Something is useless because of the source.
see… Is this the Genetic Fallacy, Poisoning the Well, or both? People
blur and mix errors in their version of “logic” because of their biases
and presuppositions.
This sickening display of pure hate and
the inability to think rationally appeared on the alleged “Creationist
Discussion Group” on Facebook. The first unhinged dude is close to
violence! (Interesting that he has an obsession with profane
expressions of the sex act, female reproductive organs and excrement.) Atheist
whined about the (probably fake) death
threats. Even if they were real, are they really so surprised that
atheists are despised?
Looks like this is how they prove that
they are intellectually superior to Christians and creationists, by
sharing vituperations and self-congratulations. Uh, sure…

an example of a call to trolling, and their crowing about what they’ve
done. Atheist
“morality” and “intellectualism”.
Again, on
the alleged “Creationist Discussion Group” on Facebook. They whine
about wanting respect and to have “dialogue”. Hypocrites. Oh, lookie
who the instigator is. Again:

will indulge an ego maniac that constantly begs for attention. This is
to show the irony of his hypocrisy: 

collection of attacks shows one of the main reasons that I do not like
to spend much time on Twitter: It’s not designed for serious
discussions. Of course, this uninvited troll came along to simply throw
feces and was not looking for discussion, but the point remains.
Another reason is that I’m trying to talk to someone, and then other
people horn in. Or, are brought in playground schoolyard-style
ridicule. Call me when your frontal lobes develop and then perhaps we
can have a decent exchange, mmmkay?

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