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thoughts from a non-theist


Speaking to Steve Drain from Westboro was an experience that I found both frustrating and enlightening. Frustrating in the way he rapidly changed topic when shown to be wrong about anything, and enlightening due to his obviously deeply confused and contradictory theology.

I wonder, has religion made these people psychotically hateful, or are they using it as an excuse for being possibly the vilest human beings on Earth? Personally, I think the core (the Phelps’ family and Drain would be absolute shitbags even if they weren’t given this imaginary mandate by their fictional god.

I’d hoped to encounter even the tiniest hint that there was a decent human being under the bluster, but Steve Drain is nasty down to the marrow of his bones – hateful, bigoted, blind to his own ignorance and stupidity…’s a very sad state of affairs.

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