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Bob Sorensen (@PiltdownSupermn) Doesn’t Get It

“It would look better on his CV than on Joe’s and mine.”

That’s Bob ‘Stormbringer’ Sorensen’s stock reply when asked to appear on Fundamentally Flawed. I’ve gone over this before, but it’s worth repeating – when someone like Dawkins, a globally recognised expert in his field, says this he’s meaning that the creationist being refused stands more to gain from the encounter than he does, that being able to put ‘debated Richard Dawkins’ on their CV will give a false impression of respectability to the religious delusion.

When someone who is utterly wrong says it, it gives the impression that the humiliation the Creationist expects will not look good on his CV, that the opposition will be able to write ‘showed a Bible-bashing reality denier up for an hour on a podcast, leaving him humiliated and crying about it on twitter’.

Either way it makes Bob look like a coward who already expects to have his ass handed to him in any debate.

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5 thoughts on “Bob Sorensen (@PiltdownSupermn) Doesn’t Get It

  1.      I still think they look indistinguishable. Currently, Dawkins has his followers pointing and laughing at any dissent from his views. If he debates, some of those followers may decide the opposition has merit and they may come to agree with the opposition. I can see where he sees much to lose. But I really don't see a difference. Are you sure the difference you see is not due to the fact that you agree with Dawkins but not with "Bob"?

  2. Dawkins is not a philosopher. He would be made to look foolish if he had to debate WLC, Vox day or anyone with half a brain and the training to critically examining their own arguments first before positing them.

  3. JD, want to appear on a podcast to defend you views?

  4. AB,Do you have a youtube channel?In support of my above statement, I would like to offer this recent interview with Dr. David Berlinski. I hold many of the same views, its just that he articulates them much better.

  5. You ans PDSM really need to sit down over coffee and dialogue.I'd offer my blog if there was a truly interesting topic.

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