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Miss Raissa (@MissRaissa) Finally Loses the Plot

Well, wasn’t THAT interesting!! For any of you who’ve missed it, Canadian homophobe and bigot, Raissa Nkuba has had a VERY public falling out with her friend, British tweeter Original_Cindy during the last 48 hours. The breaking point, according to Cindy, was Raissa’s attacks on Chaz Bono, where she insisted on referring to Bono as ‘he/she’ and ‘him/her’ despite the fact that Bono is legally male. It seems that the homophobia Raissa was displaying was far too much.

Raissa reacted in typically bullish fashion, immediately attacking Cindy and belittling their friendship, even going as far as attempting to rewrite history in a blog post on Tumblr where she claimed she’d never really liked Cindy anyway….all this after she’d regularly described Cindy as her ‘sister from another mother’ (and other such clichés)

Last night things took a turn for the surreal. It started when Cindy posted the following –

Apparently the, seemingly innocuous, comment ‘we’re probably equal looks wise’ was enough to tip Raissa into a foam mouthed fury. Taking to the web she furiously honked out these two tweets –

Yup, you’re reading that right. Basically Raissa took offence because she (Raissa) thinks Cindy looks like a man, and so Cindy comparing herself to Raissa is clearly insulting to Raissa!

It’s almost impossible to comprehend. Raissa has backhandedly insulted Cindy and then, like a true psychopath, acted like the wronged party! She even wrote an insanely self serving blog post about it –

“Atheists are saying I told Jade (original_cindy) she was jealous of my looks yesterday. I never said that. Yesterday I told her I could tell her stuff that could really hurt her feeling her I chose not to. She then said if it’s referring to looks we both look the same. I was a bit thrown off by that because I don’t think me and her look alike at all. I think she wears too much make up and looks like a drag queen. She mentioned the looks first — after all that’s all she ever talks about. If she thinks she’s pretty that’s fine it’s her opinion, but why compare herself to me? Here’s proof:

As soon as she brought up appearances and began comparing herself to me appearance wise. I clearly stated I was insulted and ended the conversation right there. Her and along with her atheist friends have now twisted the story and said that I said she was jealous of me. Look at my timeline and you won’t see any of that. I am still laughing at all this. She has been talking about me on her page since yesterday. Calling me an evil witch and some other fun stuff. 
This is better than watching a movie. I have gained about 20 followers since all this started. Even one atheist said Jade’s all over me and it’s hilarious. Thanks for the free publicity guys. Keep it up! 
– Miss Raissa”

Absolutely batshit.

As if that weren’t enough, Raissa has even gone as far as making a ‘compare the ladies‘ photo to show just how much better looking she is than Jade/Cindy…. here it is (Cindy is on the left) –

Raissa, what the fuck?? Are you 12 years old and still at High School?? Do you honestly think your insane narcissism makes you look good? Do you honestly think you’re a good ‘Christian’ role model? The traits you’ve been showing over the last day or so are even viler than your usual bullshit.

I honestly don’t know that Raissa could recover ANY dignity from this mess.

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5 thoughts on “Miss Raissa (@MissRaissa) Finally Loses the Plot

  1. archerdevil on said:

    I'm gonna say what I said last night, I firmly believe Raissa is batshit crazy and Jade(cindy) is the far more attractive person. In all honesty she's shown that all she craves is attention an it is truly sickening

  2. Definitely. I may disagree with some of what Cindy has to say, but she has a far better grasp of what being Christian is than Raissa does.

  3. archerdevil on said:

    Exactly. I know I disagree with some things Cindy no doubt believes but she doesn't try to force it upon you and you can actually have a reasoned conversation her without having "THE TRUTH" or "GODS WORD" forced on you.

  4. I really don't like Original_Cindy at all but it's wonderful to see that narcissistic clusterfuck Raissa showing her true colours.

  5. Cindy is much more attractive in every way. Any redeeming physical qualities Raissa may have are overshadowed..or completely eaten away by her narcissistic, vain, rude, mean, hurtful, intolerant, and bigoted nature. She is an ugly beast in more ways than one.

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