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Just How Many Twitter Accounts Does Chris Taylor Have??

 Pictured: A Twat

Arch fuckwit Chris Taylor, a nasty moronic racist who lives in Conroe, Texas, and has dreams of one day being a teacher, can’t stay away from Twitter. He may have deleted his original CLTaylor463 account, but he has many others….

The first account he set up after killing off his original twitter account was @BZ1461 where he tried a more moderate version of his insanity, but that wasn’t enough for Chris, and he opened up @WASP1461, a repository of his more vilely racist ‘thoughts’. For some reason he’s now shut down the @BZ1461 account, but has renamed to @BZ4808, and continued to spew out his stupidity.

You’d think those accounts would be enough, but he’s also Lynn_7506, AND TimmyTayloro who both hammer out the same mix of Creationism, racist commentary, and outright stupidity as the other accounts. The funny thing is, he then talks to himself via these sockpuppet accounts, a bit like Bob Sorensen and his Nicky and Rhomphaia pseudonyms.

Chris Taylor, I’m still keeping my eye on you.


WASP1461 has been renamed WASP146, and Lynn_7506 is now Lynn34G – both are still Chris Taylor.

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3 thoughts on “Just How Many Twitter Accounts Does Chris Taylor Have??

  1. It is amazing how this nut case uses cyberbullying as a means of achieving his Atheistic dreams of controlling the world via his hatred. He is mistaken. Chris does not have any twiiter accounts. Alex Botten and friends are nut cases. He is wrong. I doubt Chris even wrote that one older account,because it does not sound like him. This is simplying a nut being a school yard bully only in the internet. Simply ignore his crazy ideas and ignorant comments.

  2. Hilariously, 'Mr. Taylor' is Chris as well (as evidenced by his initial blog posts where he couldn't decide whether he was writing in the first or third person). I think another post about him is needed.

  3.      "I have never even heard of Chris Taylor. But I don't think he uses that account because it doesn't sound like the Chris Taylor I know and love." Seriously, this guy can't even keep his lies straight.

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