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Miss Raissa, Hypocrite and Massive Liar

Poor Miss Raissa, her increased paranoia, combined with her relentless, almost psychotic, need to be in control at all times, has started not only deleting ‘offending’ posts from her blog, but IP blocking as well. They way she’s going she’ll soon have no readers left – which won’t be a bad thing.

In the last few days she’s been getting particularly upset about the reaction to an article she wrote about PETA, the reaction came after she posted these comments….

What led to her blocking ME was my repeated asking about Raissa’s own, well documented, use of her body to further HER aims.

Not Pictured: Principles.

Compare these two things –

PETA: Goal, to get people to treat animals ethically. Means, posing naked or nearly naked
RAISSA: Goal, to get judges to vote her ‘most Beautiful’ at a Beauty Pageant. Means, posing naked or nearly naked.

These things are almost exactly the same, apart from one tiny thing – PETA are doing it for a reason that actually has some merit.


Seems Raissa can’t handle the truth, as she’s deleted my comments pointing this out, and has blocked me from even seeing her site (which, as you can tell, hasn’t worked)


As an added bonus, when I was looking for the pictures of Raissa that I knew existed I found the following

From the final paragraph “Raïssa’s dream is to help her family back in Africa who are currently struggling in the war. They barely have anything to eat or drink and she wants to take them out of that misery one day.” – that’s not strictly true, as when Raissa wrote that her family were safely, and very comfortably living in Canada…in fact, looking at the dates on some of the photographs in this album on her father’s business site it would appear that her family have been very well off since well before Raissa was born!

1996, note lack of ‘misery’

But perhaps I’m being unkind, perhaps she meant someone else in her family had ‘…barely have anything to eat or drink…‘, perhaps her aunt was trapped in some gods forsaken hell hole, dodging bullets, and living hand to mouth, struggling with her husband each day in a battle of wills with Death himself?

My Sister Rose and her husband Dikembe Mutombo


I can only imagine that Raissa slipped when she wrote her bio on, and meant to say “Raïssa had a dream where her family was back in Africa and were struggling in the war. They barely had anything to eat or drink and she wanted to take them out of that misery, then she woke up and remembered none of that was true.”

The lesson? Don’t lie on the internet, people will find you out.

NOTE: None of these pictures have been gathered by any form of subterfuge, all are easily available to the public by using Google, and are published on publicly available sites.

Minicast 1: Spreading Fear

A short bite sized Fundamentally Flawed minicast on spreading fear –

Chris Taylor Update

Just a quicky – Chris Taylor of Conroe, Texas has, yet again, renamed his ‘WASP’ Twitter account. You can find his usual mixture of racism and cluelessness at now.

Raissa Gets it Offensively Wrong

From her Tumblr page

Personally, I don’t see a difference between homosexuality, pedophilia and zoophilia. Homosexuals claim they are born that way, so do pedophiles and zoophiles. In the scientific world these conditions are called mental disorders, but in the spiritual world they are called demonic spirits. Jesus can cure them all. 

And she wonders why people call her a disgusting homophobic bigot? Raissa is utterly clueless.

The Irony is Delicious, Part 2

From the mind of Bob Sorensen comes this gem –

Atheist Rule Book Page 14: We do not need to follow the rules of logic. NEVER forsake the Straw Man, and mix it with ad hominem whenever possible. 

Hmmm, let’s look at this shall we? Well, firstly, there is no such thing as the ‘Atheist Rule Book’, so that’s a strawman right there. Secondly Bob believes an eternally existing magical being brought the Universe into existence in a week, 6000 years ago, despite there being no evidence to support this, and the existence of such a being being is completely illogical. Thirdly Bob is a bit of a hypocrite attacking others for using ad hominems when he’s never yet met one he didn’t like, as this tweet from earlier today attests –

 ‘Obummer’ – clever, I see what you’ve done there
His repeated committing of the fallacies he endlessly, wrongly, accuses other of perpetrating would be funny, if Robert wasn’t such a complete wank.
Also today, he’s been getting into a bit of a lather about what ‘atheist’ actually means, insisting over and over again that atheism is a religion.
Here’s the thing, Bob, I don’t believe in any gods, or anything supernatural for that matter – now, that makes me ‘an atheist’ but only insomuch as there isn’t a better, even clearer description. It DOES NOT make me a ‘believer in atheism’, or a member of any religion – just as not being in Bon Jovi doesn’t mean I’m actually IN Bon Jovi. Got that? Your constant complaints that atheists are defining a word in a way that YOU don’t like because it completely undermines your strawman argument come across as the whinings of a pathetic little boy who doesn’t like the game he’s losing at because he doesn’t understand the rules.
Perhaps Bob will come along to the Creationist Discussion Group on Facebook and answer his critics on a forum where he can’t block those who disagree with him….sadly, I doubt he has the stones.

Raissa’s True Motives Revealed

And so it came to pass, after toying with adwords in the text of her blog posts and comments, and a brief flirtation with a straight advert, Raissa revealed her real reason for blogging – to make some quick bucks. Obviously aware of the large number of enraged visitors, believers and non-believers alike, her purposefully inflammatory ‘articles’ were attracting, the dollar signs lit up in her eyes.

She started slow, with a completely out of place ‘guest post’ about fashion (now deleted, but screen capped at the bottom of this article), and then was followed by an outright advert masquerading as a serious article.

Advertising for Jesus

Linking to a site that hawks Christian slogan emblazoned sportswear to the faithful who think that Jesus will be pleased if their tracksuit has a cross on it when they’re working out, Raissa has blatantly gone for the cash. I’m guessing that her ‘donate’ button wasn’t generating the kind of mullah that a spoiled little princess like Raissa thinks she’s worth.

 ‘In Jesus Name I Play’?? Could this BE any crasser?

I wasn’t the only person to notice this, as you can see….

Raissa’s reaction to being called out on this? Banning the IP addresses of those who ‘dared’ to criticise her.

What Raissa doesn’t seem to understand is her ENTIRE audience is made up of people who disagree with her. Read the comments on her posts, they’re not made up of a to and fro between atheists and Christians, they are almost ALL non-believers pointing out what a vile, hateful, wilfully ignorant woman she is. If she blocks all the atheists her blog will be as much a ghost town as her Facebook ‘fan’ page is (a page that’s LOSING ‘likers’ with each day that passes).

At the end of the day it seems that Raissa is more interested in money and fashion than actually thinking about anything in any depth – certainly when faced with the news that a 14 year old boy from New York had committed suicide due to homophobic bullying, she refused to explain why, given that she says homosexuality is a choice, the poor kid didn’t just change his mind and become straight, rather than ending his life. People like Raissa are directly responsible for the fear young homosexuals feel every single day, directly responsible for situations that lead to the loss of young life…..yet she’d rather turn a quick buck than think about her actions.


Here’s the now deleted fashion article, note the adword links in the text (click to ‘bigger it‘) –

Sometimes I Try to Do Nice Things!

Sye is an expert in the area of presuppositional apologetics and he offers powerful training to equip the average, everyday believer to defend their faith with anyone and everyone in our culture. Sye has been a guest on the Living Waters “On the Box” internet TV program, he has been featured in numerous debates with top “Atheists”, and he is also currently writing a book on this subject. In short…he knows his stuff!

So says the website for the Cross Current, who are offering an ‘Apologetics Training Opportunity’. My favourite part of the page is this –

Cost: We want to bless Sye with a generous love offering. $10.00 is the suggested “starting” donation for all attendees, but please feel free to give beyond as the Lord leads!

A ‘generous love offering’ sounds far more pornographic than I think they intended, but at least it made me laugh!

Anyway, showing that I can do a good deed once in a while, I’ve fired off the following email to the Cross Current –


I saw that you’re going to be hosting Sye TenBruggencate at an event soon, and that you’re hoping to be able to give him some money. I thought I’d maybe help out and save you a few quid by giving you the entirety of Sye’s argument FOR FREE!! I know! Incredible eh?

Ok, here it is.

1. The god of the Bible is needed for intelligibility to exist
2. Intelligibility exists
3. Therefore the god of the Bible exists

Wow! Is that all there is to it? YES!

Now, there is a *slight* problem with his line of reasoning, and that is it’s vicious circularity! In fact, it’s so circular that when I told my 13 year old son about it he said ‘But Dad, that’s just a word game! You could use that ‘logic’ to ‘prove’ anything!’. I’m sure you’ll be able to gain something from his flawed point of view though!

Glad I could help!


Aren’t I just the nicest?

A Message to Miss Raissa.

Over on Raissa’s Bigotry Blog, she’s laid down the following challenge to me…..

“Sweetheart, I have a University Degree. If you’re going to attempt to insult me, please come harder than that.” (original here)

Always up for a challenge, this was my reply (posted here in case she deletes it)

OK, you’re an ignorant, lying, psychopath. You’re vain, self serving, and arrogant. You have a poor knowledge of the scriptures you claim to follow, and you lack the cognitive ability to even recognise your short comings. You use religion to disguise your ugly ugly soul, and you take offence when none is meant, whilst crying when people call you on your vile outpourings. You judge others constantly, seem obsessed with who they choose to sleep with, and you have a superiority complex inversely proportional to your actual importance. You are deluded, poorly educated, spoiled, and a childish brat who I would be ashamed of if you were my daughter.

I think that just about covers it.

400th Post! Debunking the TAG

There’s an excellent article over at that systematically dismantles the entirely circular TAG….

Consider morality. The type of Christian morality assumed by TAG is some version of the Divine Command Theory, the view that moral obligation is dependent on the will of God. But such a view is incompatible with objective morality. On the one hand, on this view what is moral is a function of the arbitrary will of God; for instance, if God wills that cruelty for its own sake is good, then it is. On the other hand, determining the will of God is impossible since there are different alleged sources of this will (The Bible, the Koran, The Book of Mormon, etc) and different interpretations of what these sources say; moreover; there is no rational way to reconcile these differences. Thus, the existence of an objective morality presupposes the falsehood of the Christian world view assumed by TAG.

Read the rest here

A Message For Dan from Debunking Atheists
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