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Chris Taylor aka @WASP1461 (of Conroe, Texas), Utterly Hapless.

One of the funniest things about the whole Mabus thing has been the number of lunatics accidentally spamming the Montreal Police Department. Chris Taylor, witless wannabe teacher of Conroe, Texas, joined their number yesterday. Today, realising his mistake, he’s tried to be clever….with predictable results –

Yes, Chris, that’s right, I’ve ‘maliciously linked’ my twitter account to the SPVM page (how, I’m not sure), and I’ve ‘done this on purpose’…..what purpose? Who knows, certainly not Chris, but reality has never got in the way of Chris Taylor’s ‘thoughts’ before.

I feel a bit sorry for the Police in Montreal, no doubt they’ve found themselves accidentally getting tweeted by all manner of lunatics since the Mabus thing broke, but I’m sure they’ll look at Chris’s post differently, and I expect to be arrested almost immediately….in fact I think that’s the doorbell now!

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