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Bob Sorensen (@piltdownsupermn), An Open Invitation

Poor Robert N. Sorensen, projecting like a madman. For some reason Bob seems to think that an open invitation to discuss and defend his beliefs on Fundamentally Flawed is merely ‘self-promotion’ by myself. Yes, despite the fact that Bob relentlessly spams his numerous blogs everywhere he can, I’m the one self-promoting. It would be funny, if he wasn’t such a total maniac.

Anyway I would LOVE Bob to appear on the podcast, but he doesn’t seem so keen – but why?

Ah, he thinks he’d be at the receiving end of ‘abuse’. Why he thinks this is a total mystery to me, as he must surely be aware that Miss Raissa, a woman I hold in complete and utter contempt due to her vile homophobia and ill-conceived views, was treated very well on the show. Really it’s just another excuse for a man who is very much a coward to avoid having to actually explain himself.

I’ll finish up with this –

 – Sorensen, a man who refuses to appear on an atheist podcast out of fear, and locks down the comments on his blog tighter than a sailor locks down cargo in a storm, calling atheists ‘cowards’ and ‘control freaks’? The hypocrisy is astounding.

Still, the offer remains – be a guest on Fundamentally Flawed, we’ll even spend our money on getting a local rate New York State skype number so it doesn’t cost you anything to call, and we’ll let you put your points without interrupting you or calling you names.

Man enough to do it?

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