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A Quick Extra Point

As Sorensen has become rather fond of repeating Dawkin’s line ‘I think it would look better on their CV than mine’ when refusing to debate evolution, I feel I have to make a point, a point I need to address directly to Bob.

Bob, that line only works if you’re right. Dawkin’s says it because the Creationists are seeking to have some of his fame rub off on them. When, like you, you’re completely wrong, making that statement gives the impression that you know that you’re onto a loser, and don’t want to be shown up.

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One thought on “A Quick Extra Point

  1.      I would say that it works for him about the same way as it does for Dawkins. Any supporters he has see him as avoiding the wasting of time with someone so "obviously nonsensical." And everyone else realizes that he is just using a tactic to keep his supporters in blind obedience.     This is important. I am not impressed with Dawkins. He relies every bit as much on uncritical belief in his claims as any preacher does. And it matters not one whit that he and his followers assert that he is "right."

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