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Bob ‘Stormbringer’ Sorensen, Still Lacking ‘A Clue’

“That old “babies are born atheists” is just another assertion trick they use. It’s ridiculous because it’s opinion, not provable.”

Yup, Sorensen is back to making his frankly insane argument for children being born with a belief in gods. He made an arse of himself earlier in the year with this, but he’s back saying it’s not ‘provable’….well, how about this – what god do Hindu babies believe in Bob? What about Muslim children, which god do they believe in? How about the offspring of Buddhists? Or Catholics? Or even atheists?

You see, Sorensen’s ‘argument’ is so pathetic that even thinking about it for a few seconds can fully undermine it.

Here’s a clear statement for you, Bob, babies are born without any knowledge of the human construct of gods, just like every other living thing. To claim otherwise shows you to be a faithhead of such insane proportions that you no doubt think that inanimate objects also worship your god.

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4 thoughts on “Bob ‘Stormbringer’ Sorensen, Still Lacking ‘A Clue’

  1.      Let the blind squirrel have his nut. Babies are not atheists because they have not reached a conclusion that there is no god. Remember your own atatement when he claimed that atheists were contradicting themselves: " Take these two statements "I believe that there is/are no god(s)', and 'I don't believe in god(s)' – is there a difference between what is meant?" Since they mean the same thing, could a baby (somehow able to speak) truthfully make those statements? Of course not. No one can be an atheist until he knows about the human construct of gods. Even then, it is only when he decides that none exist that he becomes an atheist. I ask that you not engage in such dishonesty as pretending that babies belong to any camp. Leave such dishonesty to the fundamentalists. They are more versed in it anyway.

  2. I use the word 'atheist' as there's no other word to use. Infants have no concept of the idea of gods, however you slice it, they are essentially atheist – without god/s.I'm not pretending anything – either babies 'believe' in a god when they are born, or they don't. I maintain that they don't.

  3.      For babies, I don't use any of the terms. They don't belong to any of the groups because all of the groups require conscious thought. I would rather leave someone uncategorized than place him into a category in which he doesn't belong. So, they are not atheist. They are "blank slates" if you will. And atheists are not blank slates. Do not use "atheist" in the sense of "for lack of a better term." There is nothing wrong with "none of the above." Any religious category into which you attempt to place an infant is wrong.

  4. I think we're trapped in semantics here – I agree totally that babies are a 'blank slate'.

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