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Why Won’t Some Atheists Leave Christians Alone?

…that’s a question I’m regularly asked, and today is no different –

MzMillerizMGgal, as well as having an almost Cthulhu-esque Twitter name, pretty much sums up the problem – Right Wing Christians don’t want non-believers (or followers of other religions) to have any voice at all (as evidenced by the rest of MzMillerizMGgal’s time line) whilst relentlessly pushing their religiously informed agenda on the public at large.

These people seek the criminalisation of abortion and homosexual marriage, and would rejoice if their country became a Christian Theocracy. They want anyone who doesn’t agree with them to simply shut up and go away, and they have no interest whatsoever in engaging in discussing the real issues (see the way Bob Sorensen refused to discuss evolution with my Fundamentally Flawed co-host Jim Gardner over at, despite Jim’s calm and polite offer of a civil discussion, for evidence)

This is why a number of us push back, this is why there are pro-atheism signs going on buses around the world, this is why non-believers are finally standing up and saying ‘enough’.

So what can the Christians (and other religious believers – don’t forget, they’re all as wrong as each other!) do to stop us ‘attacking’ them? Simple – stop preaching, and stop trying to force your beliefs into law. Do that and you’ll find that atheists leave you alone.

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