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The Sorensen Cycle

Over the last 6 or 7 months I’ve watched Bob Sorensen interact with dozens of non-believers on blogs and Twitter, and every time he follows the exact same pattern. I’m calling it ‘The Sorensen Cycle’, and it goes a little like this –

  1. Make an ill-informed, sweeping, statement about atheists or evolution (eg. ‘Atheism causes brain damage’, make sure to use the #atheist tag)
  2. When atheists start to ask you what evidence you have for this, direct them to some Creationist website
  3. When this is pointed out to be no evidence at all accuse the atheists of being ‘trolls’, and insist that they are guilty of ‘logical fallacies’
  4. When asked to supply an example of a ‘logical fallacy’ tell the atheist that you’ve already done so, and ‘spanked’ them good.
  5. Continue to claim to have done something you haven’t, become more aggressive towards the atheists
  6. Block
  7. Claim victory to other Jesustweeters
  8. Repeat

He’s used this technique so many times I’ve lost count.

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