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Bob Sorensen: Hypocrite

Feeling the need to empty his bowels, Bob ‘Stormbringer’ Sorensen has again shat out a hilariously hypocritical spray of effluent across the web. 
I initially intended to go through his latest line by line, but I frankly can’t be arsed, so instead I’m just going to illustrate Bob’s points with some of his own tweets and interactions with others….(bullet points are from Sorensen’s blog, responses follow)

  • Mistakes. Maybe it was simple carelessness, maybe it was irresponsibly repeating erroneous information. But mistakes happen. I’ve made them, and admitted it both times. By the way, it bothers me when I’m talking to someone who makes a statement and then corrects it with the comment, “Oh, I lied. I said 1939 and I meant 1945”. No, Snookums, you did not lie, it was a simple mistake, capice?

 It was a ‘mistake’ when Stormy howled with rage and claimed he’d never mentioned ‘logical fallacies’ (his favourite subject) on here….

Yes, I was, apparently, ‘demon spawn’, and Sorensen insisted this was the case until I showed him the following – 
Oh dear.
So, how did Sorensen admit his mistake? Like this (after I’d asked about his sudden silence) – 
That’s how you admit a mistake…..apparently.

  • Disagreements. Just because you disagree with something the other person says does not mean that he or she is lying. 

 Compare that to Sorensen’s description of Twitter user Arturusze….

  • Disbelief. Guess what, Gertrude? Just because you do not believe what the other person is saying does not automatically make it a lie.

 I present the following posts from Sorensen in response to that point….

(the second one is especially apt, considering I’ve repeatedly told him I’ve looked at the contrary ‘evidence’)

  • Ignorance. This is close to the above concern: Just because you do not know about something the other person is presenting does not automatically make it a lie.


  • Antipathy. Would you believe that I learned that word from a song by Blue Oyster Cult? “…pure nectar of antipathy…” Anyway, just because you don’t like it doesn’t make something untrue.

  • Source. Another one that is close to the previous concern: Just because you hate the person or what he or she stands for does not make what they say untrue.


  • Humor. Yes, humor can be used very effectively to convey truth as well as falsehood. But making a joke in and of itself is generally not a lie. Exaggeration, sarcasm, hyperbole and the like also qualify as not being lies themselves per se.

I wasn’t able to find any evidence of Sorensen using humour.

What a hypocrite. 

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One thought on “Bob Sorensen: Hypocrite

  1.      Ah but Norman did adress humor. See he refered to "Oh, I lied. I said 1939 and I meant 1945." That is done as a humorous method for catching one's own mistake. It would seem that he doesn't like humor very much.

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