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A Shockingly Bad Atheist Article

2. There is no Resurrection of Jesus in the Bible.

That’s right. There is absolutely no resurrection narrative found anywhere in the four canonical gospels. Jesus’ body is placed in the tomb, and three days later the rock has been rolled back and the tomb is simply empty. Nowhere in the New Testament is there a description of Jesus coming back to life. Sorry to disappoint you, but all of the “He is Risen” stickers are just wrong. “He has Disappeared” would be more accurate.
Now the non-canonical Gospel of Peter (this gospel was at one time part of the Christian Bible), recovered in Egypt by the French archaeologist Urbain Bouriant in 1886, does describe the resurrection of Jesus. In this account, Jesus is crucified by Herod Antipas rather than Pontius Pilate, and when Jesus does come back to life, he is a massive giant who is accompanied by a walking-talking cross. Yes, that’s right. The cross Jesus was crucified on walks out of the tomb and can talk. Could you imagine all the little kids playing with little talking cross-dolls if the Gospel of Peter had been left in the Bible?

That crock of easily debunked shit is from Atheist Connect dot Org, and is part of a risible article claiming to expose the top ten things that Christians don’t know about the Bible. It’s bad enough that faithheads regularly make ludicrously dickish blog posts about just how little they understand about evolution, we don’t need atheists doing the same.

Bad show, Atheist Connect, very bad show.

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2 thoughts on “A Shockingly Bad Atheist Article

  1. Is there a mention of the resurrection in the gospels? It doesn't say there's none. It doesn't even say it's not mentioned. It just says there is no resurrection narrative. The only reason I ask this question is because this is just another issue the disciples had to take "on faith" isn't it. They weren't there.

  2. Yes, the gospels and the rest of the NT talk about it repeatedly, to claim otherwise is not true. It's bad enough that Christians constantly misrepresent science and reality, we don't need atheists misrepresenting the Bible.

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