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Miss Raissa Gets It MASSIVELY Wrong

“Most likely false! They lie so much! RT Montreal police investigating alleged threats made against atheists..”

This is what Raissa Nkuba thinks about David Mabus aka Dennis Markuze, internet troll and possibly dangerous lunatic. Rather than admitting that a fellow Christian fundamentalist might have a history of making insane and disturbing threats against scientists and writers such as PZ Myers and Michael Shermer, she prefers to accuse atheists of lying….

Well, let’s look at some of the things that Markuze has said to PZ Myers –

i will execute you. the police wont save you

God told me to MURDER you…

pz and his entire family will burn in HELL…
police won’t save that fucker from me…

you will be executed without mercy…

you have forfeit your lives…
and the police wont save you…

see, the entire university is going to be destroyed because of blaspheming PZ…
this will be sent to every member of the University…

police won’t save that fucker from me…

did you know that blasphemy is punishable by DEATH and I am here to execute all of you?

Nice eh? Does that look to you like ‘lies’ told by atheists? If it were just atheists making false accusations, would the police in MontrĂ©al be now investigating them?

You see, people like Raissa (and Bob Sorensen, and Joe Cienkowski, and all the other ultra rightwing nutcase Christians) are so desperate to believe that atheists are dishonest liars that they can’t even admit when someone who claims the same beliefs as them acts in a way that is insane, or incomprehensible – these same people railed against the idea that the Norway killer was a Christian…it’s the ‘no true Scotsman’ bullshit repeated over and over.

Such poor judges of character….

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