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Hitler and Stormbringer, Possibly More in Common Than He Suspects

Bob ‘Stormbringer’ Sorensen has been squirting his ‘thoughts’ all over his blog today, furiously claiming that a fundie web site should ‘sue’ another non-believing blogger for (quite reasonably) stating it’s claims that Hitler wasn’t a believer were rather suspect.

Thing is, one of the key ‘Hitler was an atheist’ quotes is this – “Christianity is an invention of sick brains: one could imagine nothing more senseless, nor any more indecent way of turning the idea of the Godhead into a mockery….” (rather tellingly the website Bob is defending quotes only up to the colon, ignoring the, clearly pro-belief, rest)

I’m rather reminded of the words of Sorensen himself, a few months ago, when he attacked another Christian for not being enough of a Jesus Warrior.  You can read what I wrote about that here –

Note, Hitler was at no point saying that the ‘Godhead’ didn’t exist, he was actually railing against what he saw as the weakness of mainstream Christianity…..sound familiar? It should, here are some of Sorensen’s own words

Did you know that Jesus wasn’t always Captain Nice? Nor were Paul, John the Baptist and others. So don’t put your touchie-feelie churchianity on me.

Eerily similar to the way Hitler spoke, no? It seems to me that, perhaps, Stormy Sorensen has more in common with old Adolf than he’d want to admit.

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2 thoughts on “Hitler and Stormbringer, Possibly More in Common Than He Suspects

  1. I don't know if Bob reads this blog, but I've commented on his latest blog article and it awaits his approval. We've spoken on the podcast about Christian fundamentalists who mysteriously never seem to have their blog comments open for anyone to post, and how this runs contrary to the vast majority of rational / atheist / humanist blogs, which often (like yours) have Open ID and Google log-in enabled, so anyone and everyone can speak freely, but on the off-chance he doesn't allow the comment to be published and in the hope he does read your blog, if you don't mind, I'll paste it here for anyone interested to read in full. I hope, one day, he realises I genuinely tried to get to know him one-on-one before listening to what others had to say about him. Alex will recall, on the podcast, when I asked who this Stormbringer guy was, I hadn't encountered him before and genuinely tried to take him on face value. I also tried talking to him calmly and, at first, he seemed to respond positively. But I can't read the kinds of hateful things he is saying in his latest blog post without responding in the only tone of voice he seems to pay any attention to.

  2. — Awaiting approval, on –I shouldn't imagine you'll allow this comment to be published, but you'll only prove what people say about you right if you don't, so it's your lookout.To be honest, I think it's phrases like "Listen up hateful cowards" and "what a despicable loser" which earn you so much push-back on Twitter, rather than your centuries old beliefs about magic biology. But, setting aside the fact that you accuse people of not being able to stick to the facts without launching personal attacks, while wandering off the facts and insulting people's intelligence, I have to tell you, the biggest reason you get so much negative attention is your level of assumption based thinking is off the scale. You misrepresent the facts and demand that other people account for your misunderstanding. When they fail to do this, you assert that their inability to give you a straight answer, often to a question which cannot be given one, means whatever you say to the contrary, no matter how odd, must therefore be correct. This is the very definition of a logical fallacy.You've had an open invitation on my blog for the past almost six weeks to ask me ANY question on ANY subject to do with evolution by natural selection and, despite having written several articles on your own site in that time, on this subject, you have yet to propose ONE area in which you believe the data are wrong—much less ask me outright to answer a single question which you have yet to have answered by anyone else.For someone who demands to be taken seriously, you spend an awful lot of time giving no credible reason whatsoever for anyone to believe you genuinely want to understand the science, the methodology or the ethos behind the established facts.I genuinely lament your loss of perspective, even if you don't. I have taken the time to try and talk with you calmly and rationally about all of the above and more, and on each and every occasion you have completely ignored me and carried on pronouncing upon things that, had you any genuine interest in having them explained, you would understand, with a clarity I doubt you have ever had about anything in your life, just how badly these people you think are "good Christians" have been wilfully misinforming you about a great many things for a great many years.Go to the library.

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