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A Reply to Miss Raissa – Dawkins on O’Reilly

As Raissa seems to have got some problems with her website accepting comments, I have to respond to her latest nonsense-spew here. Firstly, here’s her piece in full –

Alright I might be a little late but I just saw Richard Dawkins on O’reilly’s show for the first time today and I was expecting him to be this extremely intellectual atheist but to my surprise the guy sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I mean he could barely respond to any of O’reilly’s questions and didn’t sound too sure of himself.
Also Anyone with common sense knows that Hitler was NOT a Christian he was in fact an atheist. He was raised in a Christian home—I am sure— but that in no way proves that he believed in God. A large number of atheists actually come from religious homes. They (atheists) used the “Hitler was a Christian” excuse to make Christians look bad—well thankfully their lies always get exposed. Also Hitler himself never said he was a believer.
Dawkins was sitting there looking extremely confused and lost. I really wonder why atheists buy his books or even listen to this guy— this is a fine example of a man making money off confused individuals. Also he mentions that science doesn’t have all the answers. My question is: why is he trying to push people into rejecting God and accepting something that can’t answer our questions? As far as I am concerned God has been able to answer all my questions, so why reject him and accept science?
Science is pretty much like that friend who hears another friend’s idea then says oh that’s sounds like a great idea but as soon as the friend with the original idea goes his way he decides to steal his idea and make it into his own. It ends up not being as good but some people end up liking it anyway.
God created science but science wants to be like God—and we all know what happened the last time someone tried to be like God. Might want to call up satan and ask him how that went down.
Atheists praise this Dawkins guy so much you would think he’s something special—but there’s nothing fascinating about his ideas or his books. All talk!
That’s all I have for you today…

…and here’s the video she’s talking about –

Here’s the response that I tried to leave on her page –

1. Hitler was a believing Christian, as Peter pointed out to you during the recording on Friday. The man was a Catholic, and he DID say he was a Christian – “My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter”, “As a Christian I have no duty to allow my self to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice”, and “For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people.” To claim he never said he was a Christian is simply not true.

2. “Might want to call up satan and ask him how that went down.” – how would one do that? You yourself said that your god defeated Satan.

3. Bill O’Reilly trots out his stupidity about tides again, he’s had his ass handed to him on this before, yet still goes for it again! Do you really think that Dawkins seemed out of his depth? O’Reilly looked like a fucking moron!

4. “to my surprise the guy sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” I can only assume you were watching a different video

5. Why did O’Reilly spell ‘bane’ out? Are his viewers so stupid that they don’t know what the word means?

6. Why doesn’t O’Reilly know that the Founding Fathers were secularists? Doesn’t he know his own country’s history??

Raissa, this post is facile even by your very poor standards.

More on Hitler’s Catholicism 

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2 thoughts on “A Reply to Miss Raissa – Dawkins on O’Reilly

  1. It's an old video, and one's interpretation of who put the strongest points seems to depend on one's starting point. My own view is that Dawkins did the best he could in the face of the billo machine — and that best was pretty good. Billo himself saw it differently, as I noted on my blog at the time:

  2. Oh, and MissRaissa: to answer your question, it's because getting the TRUE answers to one's questions is actually a LOT more important than simply getting "Answers" to ALL of your questions. If you care about reality.Don't you love the Appeal to Common Sense? "Anyone with common sense knows that Hitler was NOT a Christian he was in fact an atheist." What exactly is that supposed to mean? Are we all stumbling across Hitler's diaries and biographies every day, to the point where everybody knows such things accurately without having to think about it? Umm, I guess not.Based on the general use of the Appeal to Common Sense, it seems that Common Sense is very unreliable indeed. The Appeal to Common Sense is a very strong Bullshit Indicator.

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