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Good Without God

A brilliant piece by Jerry A. Coyne on USA Today…..

Do actions become moral simply because they’re dictated by God, or are they dictated by God because they are moral? It doesn’t take much thought to see that the right answer is the second one. Why? Because if God commanded us to do something obviously immoral, such as kill our children or steal, it wouldn’t automatically become OK. Of course, you can argue that God would never sanction something like that because he’s a completely moral being, but then you’re still using some idea of morality that is independent of God. Either way, it’s clear that even for the faithful, God cannot be the source of morality but at best a transmitter of some human-generated morality.

Now, is it me, or does that hint at a thorough rebuttal of Sye’s Sinner Ministries version of the TAG? An argument that would suggest that would suggest that Sye and the other Presup zombies only recognise the ‘goodness’ of their god because they’ve inherited an evolved naturalistic morality? I’ll have to think about this one, but I suspect there’s a slam dunk hiding somewhere in this way of thinking.

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