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REPOST: Creationist Hoaxes and Lies

This was first published on the 12th of February, 2011

I’d not had a look at the Joe Cienkowski Fantasy Feed for a while, so was most amused to read the above today.  Joe is one of those creationists who’s very keen on repeating various hoaxes such as Piltdown Man as a way of discrediting the whole Theory of Evolution. He, and others like him, seem to think that all the evidence, all the overwhelming, factual, evidence is fraudulent, and that lying scientists will stop at nothing to push their ‘atheist agenda’.

So I got to thinking, is there a list of hoaxes committed by creationists? And if not, why not? Turns out there’s rather a lot of faked ‘evidence’ for creationism (the EVC forum threw a lot of these up)…

I’m sure there are a lot more, but this is quite a list already, easily outnumbering the frauds on the other side of the argument. It seems that Creationists are either a rather dishonest bunch, or attract the dishonest (maybe because of the way Creationists are easily lead?). Either way, next time a Creationist claims that accepters of Evolution make stuff up, point them at this list.

And if you come across any that I’ve missed, please comment and I’ll add them.

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3 thoughts on “REPOST: Creationist Hoaxes and Lies

  1. Chimney on said:

    What amuses me most about the “Darwin recanted” hoax is that it would make no difference even if it were true. The whole thing rests on the notion that evolutionists “believe in Darwin” in the same way as say Christians believe in Jesus.

    Frankly, Darwin could have gone nuts and claimed the world was a purple ping pong ball for all it matters to science. Evolution does not rest on Darwin’s opinion but on the evidence that emerged in support of his theory.

    The popularity of this myth exposes the misunderstandings creationists have about how science as a discipline works. The arbiter of truth is not authority, but reason and factual evidence.

  2. I hate to break it to you, but I looked at a few of those links, and none of them featured a creationist providing evidence he or she knew to be fake.

  3. Wow. A list of alleged fakes and hoaxes that wouldn’t pass a grade 4 examination. Nice try. Do you really think people are that stupid?

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