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Yes, He Really Is That Stupid

From one of Bob’s many accounts….

This has been a favourite anti-atheist gripe of Stormbringer for some time now, he seems to think that there’s an inconsistency here, one worthy of being ‘documented’.

But, really, is there? Take these two statements “I believe that there is/are no god(s)’, and ‘I don’t believe in god(s)’ – is there a difference between what is meant? No, there isn’t. Bob is getting bogged down in semantics, and is trying to claim his faulty reasoning as a great victory against ‘evil atheists’ and their ‘logical fallacies’.

I’ve been watching some of Bob’s conversations this week on Twitter (Tweetdeck handily presents entire conversations in the order they happened), and he time and time again repeats his favourite trick – first he acts like a total twat, then he starts accusing someone who has been civil to him of ‘mocking’ or ‘trolling’ or being guilty of ‘logical fallacies’, and when asked to supply evidence of these supposed ‘crimes’ claims to have already done so, and then says he hasn’t the time to get into it. It’s the same pattern over and over.

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2 thoughts on “Yes, He Really Is That Stupid

  1. Loathe as I generally am to speak on behalf of Norman, there are some people that are trying to push a definition of "atheism" as merely "lacking belief" to include those who are undecided on the prospect of whether or not there is a god. However, even with that, the most he is likely to have found is "atheists" disagreeing with each other. After all, atheists are not all of one mind.

  2. To be fair, Smith was making that link in the early 70s in 'Atheism, The Case Against God'

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