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LinziSue Interviews Raissa….

…..with typically witless results. Really Raissa doesn’t have a clue….

2. People say that God heals through prayer but I cannot help but notice nobody has ever had a regrowth of a severed leg through faith healing & most Christians would rely on doctors for medical help. If God heals why do Christians use doctors & why won’t God heal amputees?

Lindsay when you decided to interview me I was expecting serious questions. These questions have been asked several times and have been answered before. God can do anything and nothing is impossible with God. But God will do it according to our faith. The reason why there are some Christians walking around with diseases is because they lack faith. God will do anything we ask him to do but we need to believe him for it. 

Read the rest here

Chris Taylor aka @WASP1461 (of Conroe, Texas), Utterly Hapless.

One of the funniest things about the whole Mabus thing has been the number of lunatics accidentally spamming the Montreal Police Department. Chris Taylor, witless wannabe teacher of Conroe, Texas, joined their number yesterday. Today, realising his mistake, he’s tried to be clever….with predictable results –

Yes, Chris, that’s right, I’ve ‘maliciously linked’ my twitter account to the SPVM page (how, I’m not sure), and I’ve ‘done this on purpose’…..what purpose? Who knows, certainly not Chris, but reality has never got in the way of Chris Taylor’s ‘thoughts’ before.

I feel a bit sorry for the Police in Montreal, no doubt they’ve found themselves accidentally getting tweeted by all manner of lunatics since the Mabus thing broke, but I’m sure they’ll look at Chris’s post differently, and I expect to be arrested almost immediately….in fact I think that’s the doorbell now!

Miss Raissa, She Can’t Help Herself…

A Tweet from the raging homophobe this evening….

She hates atheists SO much that she makes sure to use the #atheist hashtag just to make sure more non-believers will find her tweets. Miss Raissa is a desperate attention whore, and she can’t get help herself even when claiming to hate atheists.

Miss Raissa: Not a Journalist

Though she fancies herself as such, Fundie, homophobe, and hate spreader, Miss Raissa, is incapable of writing anything worth reading. Her latest ‘report’ (she calls her blog posts ‘reports’, reflecting her high school mentality) is entitled ‘The Age of Reason, or The Downfall of Humanity‘ and is (worryingly) appended ‘Part One’.

I haven’t a clue where to start with her piece, so filled with error, repeated erroneous hearsay, and outright lies that it’s almost unreadable, Raissa repeatedly claim balance whilst failing even the simplest tests for such. Simply, she can’t write, and is so full of fundie zeal that she’s incapable of rational thinking.

Rather than going through the whole thing line by line, I’m going to look at one of her claims, that Thomas Paine cried out to the Christian god on his death bed –

Thomas Paine: “I would give worlds if I had them that the age of reason had never been published. Oh God save me; for I am at edge of hell alone.”

Raissa presents this as fact, but a quick search on Google reveals something very different indeed…..

There are twenty death-bed witnesses, Madame Bonneville, Dr. Romaine, Dr. Manley, Rev. Cunningham, Rev. Milledollar, Mr. Pigott, Mrs. Redden, Willet Hicks, Mrs. Cheeseman, Amasa Woodsworth, Thomas Nixon, Captain Pelton, Walter Morton, Thomas Addis Emmet, Mrs. Few, Albert Gallatin, Mr. Jarvis, B.F. Haskin, Colonel Fellows, and Judge Hertell, many of them Christians, all affirming or admitting that Thomas Paine did not recant.

 Want to find out even more? This is a good link –

The main problem with Raissa, and others like her, is a willingness to believe any old shite so long as it backs up her Christian views. She needs to learn how to research properly, identify what isn’t true before hitting ‘Publish Post’, until she can do these things, she’ll never be the journalist she claims.

EDIT: I checked the deathbed quote Raissa attributed to Voltaire. Raissa claimed the following –

“Voltaire: “I am abandoned by God and man I shall go to hell.””

But Wikipedia tells a different story…..

“His last words were: “Now, now, my good man, this is not the time for making enemies.” It was his response to a priest at the side of his deathbed, asking Voltaire to use the precious few moments left to renounce Satan”


Joe Cienkowski: Tweeting Bollocks

What Joe meant to say was ‘I’m a clueless twat who knows nothing. I shouldn’t even be allowed to use a computer, seriously, who thought allowing me to be out on my own in society was a good idea?’

As always, he’s completely and utterly wrong.

Read this, Joe –

A Quick Extra Point

As Sorensen has become rather fond of repeating Dawkin’s line ‘I think it would look better on their CV than mine’ when refusing to debate evolution, I feel I have to make a point, a point I need to address directly to Bob.

Bob, that line only works if you’re right. Dawkin’s says it because the Creationists are seeking to have some of his fame rub off on them. When, like you, you’re completely wrong, making that statement gives the impression that you know that you’re onto a loser, and don’t want to be shown up.

Bob Sorensen (@piltdownsupermn), An Open Invitation

Poor Robert N. Sorensen, projecting like a madman. For some reason Bob seems to think that an open invitation to discuss and defend his beliefs on Fundamentally Flawed is merely ‘self-promotion’ by myself. Yes, despite the fact that Bob relentlessly spams his numerous blogs everywhere he can, I’m the one self-promoting. It would be funny, if he wasn’t such a total maniac.

Anyway I would LOVE Bob to appear on the podcast, but he doesn’t seem so keen – but why?

Ah, he thinks he’d be at the receiving end of ‘abuse’. Why he thinks this is a total mystery to me, as he must surely be aware that Miss Raissa, a woman I hold in complete and utter contempt due to her vile homophobia and ill-conceived views, was treated very well on the show. Really it’s just another excuse for a man who is very much a coward to avoid having to actually explain himself.

I’ll finish up with this –

 – Sorensen, a man who refuses to appear on an atheist podcast out of fear, and locks down the comments on his blog tighter than a sailor locks down cargo in a storm, calling atheists ‘cowards’ and ‘control freaks’? The hypocrisy is astounding.

Still, the offer remains – be a guest on Fundamentally Flawed, we’ll even spend our money on getting a local rate New York State skype number so it doesn’t cost you anything to call, and we’ll let you put your points without interrupting you or calling you names.

Man enough to do it?

Attention Whore Raissa Pitches it Dead Wrong

This is Miss Raissa’s latest campaign….to free Dennis Markuze, who she has decided is innocent because he might be a Christian. Clearly this woman has more interest in furthering her own notoriety than seeing a disturbed individual receive the help he needs.

She’s plumbed some depths before, but this has to be a new low.

Miss Raissa’s ‘Atheism: The Lie of the Century’ – Reposted

As Canadian Jesustweeter, Miss Raissa has deleted her infamous ‘Atheism: The Lie of the Century’, I feel it is only right to give it a new home – complete with the comments left by others – here.

Enjoy….if you can.

Atheism:The lie of the century Pt. 1

Atheism:The lie of the century Pt. 1 It’s beyond obvious that atheism is a lie that was created by rebels who felt they were superior to God. I have spent quite some time studying atheism and I have learned quite a few things. First and foremost atheism is simply willful rebellion against God. After speaking to quite a few atheists I have come to conclusion that the majority of them always sound very angry, although they claim their anger is not directed towards God, I have every reason to believe otherwise.
Now I would like to expatiate regarding a certain man called Charles Darwin, who is known as the founder of the “theory” of evolution.  It has come to my attention that many believe that Darwin was an atheist when in fact he was a Christian man who came from a highly religious family. During his adulthood be began to question certain Christian concepts, which eventually weakened his faith. During that period of time he proposed the theory of evolution, and ever since then atheists have used it against Christianity. Darwin himself was never an enemy of the Christian faith neither did he propose his theory to destroy the Christian faith or discredit it. It’s those who hated the Christian faith who deliberately used his theory to advance their agendas.
I have also noticed that atheists claim to be moral but how is that possible if they do not believe in God, considering the fact that morality comes from God. I have spoken to many atheists who claim morality does not come from God, stating it comes from society. Now allow me to ask these questions; how did human beings know the difference between right and wrong? Who taught human beings that murder, stealing, lying, adultery, were wrong? Who set the standards for morality if not God? After examining all these questions I came to conclusion that it’s impossible to be moral without God.
Let’s move forward to abortion, I have spoken to many atheists regarding this issue and I was shocked to see how they speak of the fetus as if it were a parasite. Abortion is clearly immoral but in the eyes of atheists the fetus is not a human being thus making the removal of the fetus acceptable. Atheists claim religion is responsible for the majority of deaths and violence the world has experienced over the years but isn’t abortion which is also known as “the atheist holocaust” responsible of the death of millions of defenseless children. Atheists are doing everything they can to destroy religion claiming it causes unnecessary deaths and violence, yet they support abortion which kills defenseless children. This sounds very hypocritical if you ask me.
I recently met a wonderful gentleman who happens to be an ex-atheist, I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his experience in atheism and how he was delivered from it. I will be sharing that interview with you all very soon. I also had the chance to speak with a few atheists and asked them a few questions too… stay tuned… we have lots to talk about…
Miss Raissa

  1. Hilarious. Looking forward to installment 2.
    Oh, and completely old hat by the way. Every one who has neglected to realise that it is THEIR religious claim that needs defending has pulled out these ridiculous anti-atheist soundbites out of their backsides.
    No, you haven’t ‘studied’ atheism at all. It’s ‘beyond obvious’.

  2. You really are a Poe. There is no other explaination. No-one could be that stupid.

    • Miss Raissa says:

      Stop the atheist holocaust… stop killing defenseless children.

      • Stop the Christian holocaust. Stop killing defenseless brain cells.

        • Also, since when do atheists kill children because they’re atheists? As I recall, Christianity has killed more people over the entire course of history than Hitler could have even fathomed.

      • Stop the theist holocaust. Stop lying to billions of people worldwide and giving them false hope.

      • Every day about 22.000 children (children!, not fetusus) die every day from causes related to poverty and hunger. Grown children that think, rationalize, that have life expiriences, that feel, that have a knowladge of what life is. That even have opinions.
        22.000 children die, EVERY DAY, becaused they are not properly cared for….not to mention the ammount of abandoned orphans out there that have no one to raise them. Children are not wild animals. They need more than just food and water (some don’t even recive that)…
        can you not tell the diference between a child and a fetus???
        And btw…abortion can only be done in the first couple months (before the baby has the ability to hear or feel or even think) after that it is even a risk to the mother. So even if a women wants to abort at that point she can’t without risking her own life.

      • To put an incocent child in the world (that has nothing to do with anything, that did not ask to be born) when you can’t even provide this child the basics (food, water, education, and medical care in case of necssity) is incerdibly selfish and sick. If its too late, and abortion is no longer an option then go to adoption….
        But abortion should be a first option since we already have so many child up for adoption with no one to care for them…
        Everyone deserves at least water, food, education and medical care if needed. No one should have to live without these things. No one should have to live life to suffer.
        You value quantity of life over quality of life….and this concept is planted in you by your religion (not logical thinking and rationalization)…might this be pe planed to assure more followers of a certain religion?? (Christianity in your case)??? Being against abortion in a concept that you get from your personal belifs…being pro choice is based on selfless rationalization and think logicly considering the facts aboutb the current state of over population and children without care in the world.
        I also thing everyone should consider adopting a child…even if you have to ability to concibe…even if you plan to concibe. Consider an adoptive child and a biological one…
        Of couse, if you are able to provide the basic…
        Again…everyone deserves at least food, water, education and acess to proper medical care…
        Pro choice is pro life….

  3. Congratulations on getting just about everything in this piece wrong.

    • Yes, eeeegads, what a bunch of hooey. I guess atheists are better people than xians. We can discern right from wrong without having a ridiculous book full of silly stories.

      • You cannot discern right from wrong if you think same sex marriage, abortion, fornication, ect…are okay…

        • Victoria says:

          Same sex marriage is okay.
          Abortion is okay.
          Fornication is okay.
          Isn’t God supposed to love everyone?
          And if all of those things are wrong, and God created morality, why didn’t he “teach” that those things are wrong?
          Why did he even make them?

          • None of those things are okay. This is why our society is morally bankrupt. God is the supreme judge and he’s the one who sets the standard for morality not society.

  4. This isn’t research. This is biased and anecdotal at best.

  5. Wow, that is some pile of lies and arrogance. Good luck trying to fight your way out of that wet paper bag that is your little, delusional mind.

    • Miss Raissa says:

      Why would atheists spend so much time trying to discredit God considering the fact that you believe he doesn’t exist? Like I mentioned in my article atheism is willful rebellion against God. You know there is a God but you refuse to follow him. Plain and simple…

      • We don’t need to discredit god, since we don’t believe… some of us think it’s immoral to make laws or punishments based upon a religious belief… the sad part is that many people like you think that morality can’t exist if it isn’t based upon the christian model

      • Why do you keep insisting that atheists secretly believe in God? Is that what you really wish were true?
        Sorry, but that’s just not simply the case. Are you also saying that Buddhists, Hindus, etc. are also secret Christians? They believe in God, but they refuse to admit it, right?
        You need to accept the fact, Miss Raissa, that atheists just don’t believe god exist. If I told you that reptiles were posing as humans in the American government, you would most likely disbelieve that.
        Would I then be right in saying that you secretly believe it, but are rebelling against it? And you are simply refusing to admit your belief?
        If somebody says they don’t believe something, it’s best not to dictate to them what they’re really thinking, and move on.

      • Do atheists spend time trying to discredit god? Or do they spend time trying to discredit the spurious arguments of the loony fringe of christianity?
        If I am wilfully rebellious against something, it is those of faith who – like you, believe that all aspects of my life should be defined by a book I do not accept to explain life and death in terms that I see as real, plausible or even coherent.
        The very fact that I define myself as atheist flies in the face of your assertion that I ‘know there is a god’. I know no such thing, in fact, YOU know no such thing. I do not believe in god, I do not “believe there is no god”. These are similar sounding expressions, but completely different in meaning.
        Is it my turn to spout cliche’d and inaccurate generalisations about christians? Maybe so, but I to be honest, everyone is (as far as I am concerned) welcome to believe whatever they wish.
        If I were to force my views, beliefs and outlook on life upon you, I would be no better than, well, you.
        Believe what you will, allow me and others to disbelieve whatever we wish.

      • No Raissa, I’m sorry…you fail…
        I know this is hard for your fragile, self centered psiky to handle but some people just don’t belive in god. Many people just don’t think the god you belive in exists, and some people belive in a god totaly diferent than what you discribe. And some people even belive in the bible god, but in a diferent way than you. Its not that they know your god is real and rebel against him…they just have diferent views than you. You can try to comfort yourself by trying to convince yourself everyone knows in some extent your god is real….but that is not the case. You can not say someone is rebeling against you just for having diferent views. No one is out to get you. Athiests have no anger or any kind of fellings twords your “god”…athiests only have a problem with people like you trying to shove what you belive in down everyones throat as if it were fact or “truth” like you say…as if it had the validity and were factual like historical records or a scientific studies. You speak as if your god and jesus are just as factual as the fact the composition of water is H2O….
        And its a problem when you use your god to discrminate against people for no logical reason…that have caused no kind of harm.
        So…let’s make it cleare….no one is rebeling against your god…no one cares about your god…its YOUR actions…its YOUR disrespectful words…and its especialy you shoving it down other peoples throat.

    • Do people pay you to write Raissa? Anyways…I have severe doubts that you ‘studied’ atheism. I find this a difficult claim to ‘study’ atheism, when your conclusion is “They are angry”. Do you think it could be because people write marginalizing opinions filled with their own condescending, angry rhetoric? Why are people like you so angry with atheists? Do you secretly disbelieve the common claims of god, and wish you could be like us? Hey sweetie, don’t quit your day job, keep working on your writing and you may go somewhere someday!

  6. Absolutely magnificent.
    A treatise on shallow reasoning.
    An opus of obnoxious oversimplification.
    The best raving of a crazy person since Charenton sanctioned 120 Days of Sodom by DeSade, although not nearly as original or entertaining.
    Bravo. Really, well done you.

  7. Congratulations. Never in the field of stupidity has one person got so much wrong is so few words.
    Typically, you get “atheism” and “science” mixed up. They have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.
    Atheism is a disbelief in ANY god or gods. It has nothing to do with science, evolution, abortion or anything else you tag on to it. That’s your agenda.
    I feel superior to fundementalist christian because of crap like what you’ve written here. It’s really hard not to.

  8. It’s frightening to think that there are actually people (apparently many) who are willing to go through their lives NOT ONLY giving no thought to their beliefs BUT ALSO running around spouting their misconceptions in public.
    Morals? Bible says it’s bad to eat shrimp or wear clothes of mixed fibers! Bible says it good to execute your unruly children and OK to own other humans as slaves. Do you know why we’ve thrown out these stupid rules? Because people decide morality, and we can use our brains to figure out where old rules were bad — and then change them.

    • Actually, those laws made LOTS of sense given the cultural context of it all. It was then released after Jesus’ acension.

      • Those laws never made any goddamn sense. Give it a rest. As for Jesus ‘releasing’ the laws, he himself is quoted as saying that those who teach that the laws no longer apply have a place in hell.

    • SaTaNabusJones says:

      I will never understand how black people in America can be Christians…did they all get bibles with the page ripped out where slavery was condoned?…On a similar note, when was it decided that Jesus was a white dude? …Really…? …was it before or after the Pope declared the Immaculate Conception?

  9. GeekGoddess says:

    Most atheists aren’t trying to discredit “god” but rather the irrational belief in supernatural beings, and to counter all the harm that most religions, Christian and otherwise, cause society. Beliefs in non-Christian deities is just as irrational, but in the US that happens to be the predominate silly, harmful belief.

    • SaTaNabusJones says:

      …most atheists just want religious people to leave them alone, and allow them to live their lives…atheists usually only speak against religion when it is shoved in their faces…Christians are typically the first to forget that the USA is a FREE country…and this applies to ALL BELIEFS…NOT JUST THEIRS!

  10. I’m curious, Miss Raissa.
    Do you believe in the Christian God, and the Christian God alone?
    If so, why do you chose to believe in the Christian God, but disbelieve every other god?

    • Miss Raissa says:

      Yes, Jesus Chris is the way, the truth and the life. You cannot go to heaven unless you go through him. There cannot be 5 truths, there is only one truth. We all can’t be right, someone has to be wrong. Truth is NOT relative, it’s absolute.

      • So, why should anyone believe that what you believe is the one and only right? Don’t you think that this is exactly what every other religion believes?
        You cannot defend this by saying “it’s what the Bible tells us” because a Muslim can just as easily defend their own position by saying “it’s what the Koran tells us”.
        You can believe what you will, that is the beauty of life. However, it seems immoral, to me at least, to tell someone else they can’t believe what they want.

      • If someone has to be wrong, how can you be so sure that /you/ are the right one? Do you have some evidence that supports your claim?

    • How do you know there is only one truth? With what logic do you support that?

  11. I’m not sure where I should start here. Possibly the fact that you clearly have no concept of the idea of Atheism. Firstly, how does one “study” Atheism? It is not a practice. It is certainly not an organization. And there is no doctrine. Therefore you have, within the first paragraph of your “article”, discredited any opinions you put forth.
    Try living as though you are the one in control. You will see the world much differently. It is not a spit in your Gods face. If anything, if God does exist, I’m pretty sure he would want you to use the brain he supposedly gave you and not fall victim to ignorance and credulity.

  12. @NewYorkCreator RT @MissRaissa Working on my report on #Atheism. >> I’m sure it’ll be just like your world view: error riddled, bigoted, and obsolete.
    Thank you for proving me right. And also, thank you for giving me and my girlfriend a great laugh over breakfast. Your first line had me in stitches. YOU should try stand up. There’s a future for you.

  13. Andy Harding says:

    And how do you know, absolutely, that you have found the right truth?

  14. You’re an idiot. Just thought you should know. Have a pleasant day.

  15. Miss Raissa says:

    If you are going to fight against religion claiming it causes unnecessary violence, then you should also be fighting against abortion because it’s killing defenseless children. I am not concerned with sounding politically correct, I know exactly what atheism is but that’s just a definition that is given in order to avoid offending atheists. The simple truth is that atheism is REBELLION against God.

    • That’s not the “simple truth”, that is Your opinion.
      second, does this looks like a children?
      You can be against abortion in your body, but you have no business with the bodies of everyone else.

      • Miss Raissa says:

        Yes I cannot tell you what to do with your body, that is correct. But I am not concerned with your body. I am concerned with saving the life of a defenseless child. #ProLife

        • You are concerned with the lives of defenseless children?
          Adopt one of the million that live on the streets, feed one of the million that live in poverty, donate, educate …Those are REAL defenseless children. What you are concerned is with an embryo that has a potential to be a child.

          • There is a huge difference between a developing fetus and a freshly born baby. You really should study a little embryology before you make a public fool of yourself with such statements. Did you know, for example, that your concept of “god” is responsible for aborting about a third of all pregnancies? Pregnancy terminations done by doctors for humanitarian reasons are a tiny drop in this huge ocean of “wasted” life. If you think it is evil to prevent any blastoma, embryo or fetus from developing into a sentient being then you should beseech your personal version of “god” to stop this “immoral” practice. I am sure that he will take as much notice of your entreaties as he does of those who plead that he feed the millions of children born to die a painful death from genetic defect, illness or starvation and those who fail to thrive or suffer lifelong psychological damage by being born to parents who do not want them or cannot care for them properly. You really should teach this god of yours some moral principles that is more in line with the ones you insist that he has. According to your holy scriptures he will do anything you ask, so long as you have enough faith, and it’s what he was going to do anyway.

  16. Can an Atheist define for me two things please.
    “Bad” and “Disadvantage”

    • Bad : gone over (food)
      Bad : an accurately described album by Michael Jackson
      Bad : an act/word that is frowned upon by those that are in the position of judge. Of course 10 different people will have differing standards of bad.
      Disadvantage : to be in a position of weakness in comparison to another or others.

  17. Miss Raissa,
    I am an Atheist. I was raised in an LDS home where my parents have me the best teachings that one ever could hope for. I was taught of the idea of God, the idea of Christianity and the idea of Mormonism. Armed with only knowledge, my parents then gave me the freedom of what to worship and believe. Ultimately, my decision came to Atheism.
    I am not at all angry with “God,” but angry with God’s followers. I am angry with people who ignorantly attack another’s beliefs when their belief does no harm. I’m angry at the Christian faith for denouncing the use of contraception in the fight against AIDS and HIV in Africa.
    I am much like many other Atheists in that I have no quarrel with the idea of god (an all-loving and all-powerful being who only asks that you observe him is not a bad thing at all) but a problem with ignorance, blind faith, bigotry, and outright non-Christian behavior exuded by those that follow him. I would not fault a Christian who behaved as a Christian should, but it has become apparent that as long as your faith is different from someone else’s,

    • you will attack that belief in a manner not fitting of a Christian.
      I am an Atheist. I exercise my right of free will by not believing your god yet still I hold to morals that are taught by the church. I accept your belief and you as you are, yet you do not return the favor. I respect your belief for the good it has brought the world and hate it for the bad things it has brought to this world, yet you do not do the same for me. I behave morally; I do not steal, I do not murder, I do not rape, hurt, destroy or otherwise damage my fellow man. You verbally attack Atheists and threaten them with condemnation to Hell. In the eye of your lord Jesus Christ, whom would he favor?

      • Miss Raissa says:

        When did I verbally attack anyone or condemn anyone to hell? Atheists are allowed to call Christians bigots, crazy, delusional but the moment a Christian expresses their thoughts on atheism in turns into verbal attack? I did not attack anyone verbally, and never will. Please do not make up such lies.

        • You ARE a bigot. You ARE crazy. You ARE delusional. It’s not even up for discussion – it’s a FACT.

        • You said that Atheists kill babies. You said that the only way to get into Heaven, therefore, condemning all Atheists, pagans, Buddhists, Jews, and everyone else on Hell. Honestly, you ARE a bigot, you’re delusional, and you’re especially crazy!

  18. Miss Raissa,
    Sincerely,I am very sorry that I was mean to you in the past. I was completely unaware that you had learning difficulties. I promise to be more tolerant in the future.

  19. Falconpiss911 says:

    The stupidity here is stupendous. Raissa is walking, talking heinous malfunction of humanity.
    No research. No logic. No facts. No evidence. The slandering of a long-dead and brilliant Charles Darwin, and the 20+ years of research he did and evidence he collected. Logical fallacy after logical fallacy after logical fallacy. Presuppositions, lies, arrogance, delusion. Typical Raissa.
    Even in Christianity, a terribly delusional faith, finding a choir to which Raissa could preach is a near impossibility. Most people are better and deserve better than this buggered up bullshit.
    Usually, being an optimist, I can find one redeeming quality of a person to respect. With Raissa, I find nothing. A person who is empty, null and void. An obsolete way of life and thought.

    • Miss Raissa says:

      Atheism is a lie and a deception. How did life come from nothing? How do you look at the high degree of order in the universe and dare to believe that there was no designer? A man who is convinced he shares his ancestry with an ape, would find it every hard to believe that God is his ancestor.

      • Lets face it Raissa, you know all about lies and deception.

        • Funny. That page no longer exists. Gee, I wonder why!

          • Foolish Atheist, how dare you doubt the “Miracle of the Disappearing Porno Website”

          • @Miss Raissa.
            1. Life came from chemicals, not nothing.
            Chemicals came from exploded stars, not nothing.
            Stars came from cosmic matter, not nothing.
            Cosmic matter came from the explosion of a singularity of infinite gravity and energy, not nothing.
            Energy and Gravity appear to be eternal, so I guess you could argue that they come from “nothing”.
            Random fluctuations in potential energy have been observed to wink in and out of “nothing”. Astrophysicists argue that they would be sufficient to cause the Big Bang.
            2. All that we know and can observe about the universe is that simple gives rise to complexity, not the reverse.
            It is naively stupid to suggest that the universe began with an un-caused infinitely complex sentient invisible being made of absolutely nothing, but that would look like us if we could see it. The idea is stupid because it breaks all the observed rules of this universe.
            3. Many things with a high degree or order may look “designed”, but they are not. Snowflakes and rainbows, for example. We can only tell the difference between what man designs and what has been caused by natural mechanisms because we have learned to identify the features of man-made objects.
            4. You are the first Christian I know who believes that god is your ancestor.
            The official version is that one of the two creator gods mentioned in the biblical Book of Genesis made your ancestors out of a heap of dirt. If one of these gods (El or Yahweh) is your ancestor it would imply that his supernatural genetic code is part of yours.
            I thought Jesus was the only one who had god-genes in his makeup. Unless you believe that Jesus had sex with women (Mary Magdalene?) then he failed to pass along these god-genes to future generations. Even if he did, how do you know that you were one of his descendants?

            • Rosita, thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate your insight and input. But I also must say that for one to think that the universe, life ect..all appeared randomly without a purpose and without a vision from a designer is absolutely absurd and illogical.

          • Where did god come from?

        • How is it not logical? Because it doesn’t make you feel good? Life does not revolve arround your feelings….you can’t just say its ilogical…you have to elaborate on that like rosita did

  20. What I find sad here is that this board is full of replies from atheists. There is hardly any support here for the Christian who so desperately wanted to educate others on the horrors of atheism.
    I was raised Catholic. Over the years, I became agnostic, at best. I am not an atheist. I am not a Christian. I am certainly not angry at a god that I am not sure I even believe in. I found this post in a wayward trail of tweets that caught my eye on Twitter.
    What I do believe is that laws and morality have been defined by the behavior of living, breathing people on this earth that have agreed to the terms in some way. The same way our government was built. By man.
    As for your “atheist holocaust”, you simply cannot group atheists in as the only abortion support. When you make up your own jargon to label people (sorry, even after Googling, I haven’t found one other person use this term) you go against what I thought was the biggest lesson in Christianity, to love thy neighbor. One of my biggest reasons for abandoning Catholicism is because I loved this rule and I never saw it upheld. Too much fingerpointing in religion for me to believe that this is “your” way. My closest friends, whom I love so dearly, are some of the ones that would be shunned by Christians. I’m deeply saddened to think that people I love should be rejected for what someone interpreted from a book.
    Do you know who else supports abortion? Women who have been raped. Women who have health issues that affect whether or not they can carry a baby. Women who find out that their baby is suffering a horrible condition inside their womb. I’m sure that many of these women could also be Christians. And don’t think that using or not using birth control is a defense, or even abstinence. Every person has their own story. Feel free to stand against abortion, but be careful who you include in your generalizations of people that do not stand with you. You might be very surprised.
    *Please be sure to note, there are no insults or arguments here. This reply should be read with a reasonable tone of voice with only the slightest hint of sarcasm..because that’s just who I am. I hope that my post opens your eyes a bit to see that there is so much more in the people that are outside of your church. We don’t all have to attend the same service to believe that the true morality is to respect and love each other.

    • Miss Raissa says:

      Thank you very much for your message Christine, I do agree with you to a certain extent but I stand on my two feet against abortion because I don’t think it’s morally right in every circumstance. I do not believe a child needs to be killed because of the manner it was conceived. But I really did appreciate how you POLITELY stated your opinion. God bless you.

      • That’s perfectly fine to have your own opinion. I just wanted to be clear that most of us that are ProChoice are supporting these types of decisions. And the freedom to be able to choose to do so. A woman who goes through these types of issues I mentioned, will have to deal with so much more that just a 9 month pregnancy…as will the child in question.
        While there are people that might use abortion as a form of birth control, and yes, there are, I, personally, do not support that type of behavior. However, I can guarantee you I do not want someone like that raising a child anyway.
        If I am correct, the theory that “God works in mysterious ways” might stand to reason here. Man discovered a way to abort a fetus. Man/woman makes the decision to do so. Wouldn’t we accredit that free will to what God gave us?

      • Eveyone that has replied your post raissa (athiests, agnostics, and even crhistians)…have been more polite and respectful than you were in the post!

    • The horrors of atheism?
      Huh. I wasn’t aware there were any.

    • Education implies knowledge. What you have is assumptions based on prejudice. How can you presume to educate christians about athiesm when you know nothing about it? If you were genuinely curious and willing to learn we’d be happy to accomodate you, but any actual knowledge of athiesm would just get in the way of your presumptious opinions, and you wouldn’t want that would you?
      And you wonder why we’re angry.

      • Who else puts their hand up to educate Ms Raissa if she is willing? (me me!). You claim you know about Atheism. So why shouldn’t you be willing to give us some real counter arguments and not just propaganda. You would be able to do this if you had done a little more research (not much really), just like all the Atheists here have been able to do to you. (and you got Pwned!)

        • Miss Raissa says:

          As I mentioned in my report, atheism is a lie and atheists are rebels, I stand on those assertions with my two feet.

          • However, you give us no evidence to back up your claims. Your feet are not standing on solid ground. This is not research, it is speculation. You will never be taken seriously until you figure this out.

        • How is athiesm a lie? And how are athiests rebles? Please elaborate on that…

  21. You have no clue whatsoever what atheism is and you’re science-illiterate. You’ve got an addictive personality, which is why you go overboard fanatical on things. Go see a Psychiatrist who can treat your issues. You obviously suffered abuse in your life that made you go overboard on things, whether it be mental, emotional or physical. This new obsession with god seems great now, gets you lots of attention, but you are not treating your problem, only covering it up with anti-science rhetoric.

    • Miss Raissa says:

      No I never suffered abuse, be it mentally, emotionally or physically. Dedicating my life to the one who gave up his for me was the best decision I have ever made. I am thankful to call myself his daughter. I am simply here to share the truth with everyone. I do not mind being called names by atheists, it doesn’t offend me at all, it’s an indication that I am doing something right.

      • For one, I didn’t call you a name. Secondly, yes, you may have some form of abuse. Abuse takes many forms. it may be abandonment issues or whatever, but rational well-adjusted people do not obsess over things like you do, especially an entity for which there is no evidence. Whatever the case, you have issues. You show signs of an addictive personality. That means whatever you do, you do to excess. Poeple who have that go overboard with things they take an interest in, whether it’s work, exercise, gambling, drugs, religion, etc…. I suggest you see a professional to address your obsession.

  22. Celia Allenby says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha! And that really is all I can say, without rancour.

  23. Awesome blog sis! For the atheists, you should check out this video of Ravi Zacharias responding to atheists. God bless yall!

    • Miss Raissa says:

      Thanks sis! God bless you!

      • Ravi Zacharias is a fourth-rate “scholar” who sells books that are supposed to convert atheists to Christians who want to be assured that atheists must have it wrong. It is a money making scam. He does not give away his books to atheists for free.
        Zacharias gives the word “atheist” a special definition that is inconsistent with the common useage of that term. His convenient evangelical apologist-friendly definition implies that atheists “really” believe in his god and are just wilfully turning their back on him.
        Zacharias assumes that they are all athiests are nihilists and have a consistent “doctrine”. Normally defined atheists won’t find the arguments in the book at all convincing because it does not address any of the issues that actually concern them, resulted in them losing their previous religious beliefs or serve to prevent them from taking theistic beliefs seriously.
        Zacharias dishonestly refuses to link to sites that negatively review his books. He also severed a link to the web site of the person who ghost-wrote his chapter supporting creationism, when the research that this person did in order to write the chapter caused him to change his mind and accept that the evidence for the descent of man by modification from other species was overwhelming. This man is not just deluded, he is willfully obscuring the truth.
        Unfortunately, like most con men, he easily manages to fool those who have emotional reasons for wishing to believe that he is not only telling the truth, but that he is not hiding anything that undermines his story.
        He paints a grandiose picture of his academic credentials that dissolves when investigated. He implies that he studied and graduated from Cambridge, but he was merely a “visiting scholar” invited by a conservative religious college with historical affiliations to this university and a scandalous history of academic fraud and infighting. He implies that he is invited to speak to students by academic faculty at prestigious universities in the U.S., but he has set up a front that obscures the fact that he actually invites himself to speak on these premises.
        This history of devious dishonesty should alert readers to the level of academic argument that he employs in his books, talks and radio show. Beware of those who deliberately Lie for Jesus!

  24. What’s very interesting is if there is no God, there has to be a motive behind the overwhelming force to prove there isn’t, I’m sure the Holy Spirit empowered the writer of this blog, but what’s interesting is that if there isn’t a Holy Spirit (God) why is the belief so offensive? Is it really because its so dumb? So uneducated? Yet at the same time so irritating That it stirs up people who are offended by a non existing God? The answer lies in the conscience. The Wrath of God resides in the conscience of the ungodly, as evidence of Gods warning to mankind of pending Judgment. Whenever an atheist is reminded of God obviously this strikes the soul, the evidence is that if you didn’t have anything to worry about, would you really care? Check an atheist blog and see how many Christians will comment (if any). You don’t have to believe in God, but you are soon going to meet Him, my prayer is that those who’s hearts have been hardened will come to realize this.

    • Miss Raissa says:

      Can somebody say AMEN!!!!! Brother D in the houseeeeeee! Lol

      • LOL. We are not offended by your made-up god, were offended by YOU, the human. Spewing hate and ignorance, trying to run our country according to your fairytale. You dont keep to yourselves, you harass and protest others. You use your religion as an excuse to hate anyone you want to. Amazing how when people are put under an MRI and asked controversial questions and their opinions regarding them a part of their brain fires, when asked what their god thinks of the same topics, the same part of the brain fires. That is regardless of their opinions of the matter. What they think and what their god thinks is EXACTLY the same thing, every time. That is just you using your god as an excuse to hate or make up whatever crap you want to.
        Here is a good experiment. Go to babblefish translator in altavista. type in a paragraph, does not matter what the content it but it should be a couple of sentences. Then translate that into another language, does not matter what one, take that translation and translate that again (be sure to change the dropdown menu accordingly, it is easy to forget that part) now translate that into another language, then take that translation and translate that into yet another language. Now take that final translation and translate it back to English. That is the bible for ya!
        Nice try though

    • I am atheist. I do not get offended by Christians or the *belief* that there is a higher power.
      That being said, I DO get offended when Christians spew words from their mouths that sounds uneducated.

      • Miss Raissa says:

        Hello Jessica, thank you very much for your comment, but I am not here to please you or society, I am simply here to spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

        • I am not asn atheist I do however support the right of atheists to not believe in any god…I agreewith their condemnation of people who make a point of saying bnigoted and hateful things in the name of religion..
          Atheism as i understand it has nothing to do with with Darwin or evolution other than many atheists (by no means all) happen to also suspect…not believe that the material scientific view of the universe is more or less correct…this suspicion is backed up by mountains of evidence…
          your bigotry and hatred is based solely on personal belief and not even that strongly rooted in the bible, Christ rejected the old teachings and talked of universal love and forgiveness….something you singularly fail to follow…P.S not a christian either..a human god is a human arrogance

  25. You state the following: “isn’t abortion which is also known as “the atheist holocaust” responsible of the death of millions of defenseless children.”
    In fact, most premature deaths of fertilized eggs in a woman’s uterus are natural. As much as 90% dies in such miscarriages. If abortion is clearly immoral, your god, by way of his divine providence, is more immoral than any atheist.
    Moreover, Plato, through Socrates, rightly asks: are things moral because god wills them, or does god will things because they are moral? In other words: are morals arbitrary (whatever god happens to desire), or is there an outside morality that even god adheres to?

  26. Sword4Christ says:

    One thing for certain I salute Miss Raissa for the courage to go where most that
    Consider themselves Christlike wouldn’t dare. If one atheist out of one thousand repent`s the effort was well worth I!!!! Great Job!

  27. These arguments are tiresome. They have been in the Christian toolbox for quite some time. I was hoping this would be different. It really didn’t seem like you studied. Perhaps you should pick up “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins, then rebuttle his points on here.

    • Miss Raissa says:

      I will look into that…

    • All she can see is god and bible. She sees nothing outside that little box. She’s way too frightened to read Richard Dawkins for fear some knowledge might seep into her brain. She has a perfect opportunity to learn from some of the smartest people on the net, through twitter. There’s Phil Plait, PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne etc…. They all offer a plethora of scientific data that is much more interesting than ancient suppressive goat herders. There is incredible info on The world is her oyster, and she comes up with this done to death, already been proven false and/or nonsensical gibberish. I agree, yawn.

      • the world is her oyster yet her bible stops her from partaking in shellfish…
        perhaps this is the problem?

  28. Heres a little food for thought, the bible isn’t 100% pro life.
    Exodus 21:22-23
    If an attack on a woman causes a miscarriage the attacker must pay a fine. If he causes serious damage to the mother it’s “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”…. This indicates that a fetus does not have equal standing under God’s law.
    …Leviticus 27:6
    Monetary values are assigned to lives according to age and gender. Lives under one month old have no value.
    Numbers 5:21-21, 27-28
    A potion given to the Israelites by God is used to determine paternity. If the father is not the husband, an abortion occurs. god clearly places no value on a fetus that is not the result of union between husband and wife.
    Genesis 38:24
    God’s law states that if a woman is pregnant and is to be executed there is to be no waiting for the fetus to be born. It is counted as part of the mother and she burned to death with it still in her womb
    Cherrypick away. Your ignorant. But worse than that, your ignorant and dont even bother to research when someone points out glaring mistakes in your “article”.
    Your also ignorant of how the world works. Complexity?? Something from nothing?? Amazing how your god can come from ‘nothing’ and thats just fine.
    You sit there and slag atheists when we are the lowest percent, per capita, of those in jail, by A LOT. The more atheist a country is the more equality it has and the less social ills it suffers. Where the countries with the highest rates of religiosity also have the highest rates of inequality and other social ills. If you actually bothered to RESEARCH your “article” you would know these things. You would have references. All you did was vomit your ignorance onto a computer screen.

    • Those Bible verses are awesome, and I will be using those in the future with anti-abortionists who cite the Bible and their supposed religious morality. Thanks!

    • Happy are those who seize your children and smash them against a rock. Psalms 137:9
      Hooray for bible morality!

    • the ancient world was no stranger to birth control methods and various forms of abortive potions for early stage pregnancy exixted and were taken routinely by young women…
      penny royal and black spurred rye were commonly used in Christian communities until relatively recently (the advent of chemical contraception and medical care)

  29. Hi Miss Raissa, I wrote a response to this article on my blog, Fool of Psalms (below). I hope you will take the time to read it.

  30. Miss Raissa, please explain the following you wrote:
    “It’s those who hated the Christian faith who deliberately used his theory to advance their agendas.”
    I would like to know what exactly were the agendas.

    • Yeah, I’d like to know that too! In my case, I set out to prove Christianity correct, but my investigation led me to my atheism.

      • seeker of the truth says:

        The search for truth at work, wonderful to see in action AJ. I love the honesty and strength you show with this exercise, if only others…….
        For Raissa – we think your god doesn’t exist therefore we can’t rebel against him. What we don’t like is the arrogance of assuming that belief in his existence is a given and immutable, it is not and until you get that part you’ll never be able to speak for us.

  31. Statistically speaking the higher ones education, I.Q., and monetary affluence the less likely they are to be religous(much less). I think that in itself says alot. Also statistically 94% of all scientists are atheist. One major thing among many things Miss Raissa fails to see is that her belief is reletive and the only reason she sees things the way she does is because of a fluke of geography, if she had been born in another part of the world she would have been indoctinated into the systems of superstition relevant to that area.

  32. This is funny coming from the point of view of a book that thinks that the Earth is flat, and the sky is a hard dome that lets in the rain. And yes we have talking snakes and donkeys too.

  33. Wow. Blatantly obvious that you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. Doesn’t it bother you to spout lies? Some of the most immoral disgusting people I’ve met have been religious people so don’t try to say atheists have no morals. As for the abortion matter I won’t say much but I will say this. I am pro-choice and you have no right to say what someone does with their own body.

  34. this is awesome. Pray tell, what’s your solution for solving the problem of Atheists? Surely, you must have *some* solution.
    Also, if there’s only one God, and it’s your God, what happened to all the billions who never believed in your God? did they burn? The Romans? Greeks? Phonecians? The Druids? People who built Stonehenge? the ancient Egyptians? the mysterious people of the Indus Valley? All in Hell?
    there’s 7 billion people currently alive on Earth and only 2 billion of them are christian. Does that mean God hates 5 billion human beings currently alive and hundreds of billions more who have lived over the last 300,000 years our species has existed in its modern form? Will they burn in hell for not believing?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on these, and on your loving God. Having followed your tweets for some time, I suspect I already know the answer.

  35. Talismancer says:

    If atheists ever sound angry (which is rare) it would be because of the frustration of talking to a brick wall who can’t see that almost every idea in their head is WRONG because their mental state is so screwed up that logic is nowhere to be found in their thinking.
    Thankyou for giving us an insight into the insanity that is Religion,

  36. also, and this is not snarky, I recommend you read Pastor Dan Schulz. He’s an American pastor who lives in Wisconsin, and an outstanding father, man, and pastor. He’s got a book out. Seriously, consider branching out into other branches of Christianity and you may find it’s a large and wide market.

  37. I do so love to see that you think atheists only disbelieve in YOUR god. News flash, dear: WE DON’T BELIEVE IN ANY OF THEM. We’re just as much in “rebellion” to Allah, Thor, Zeus, Ahura Mazda, and the Invisible Pink Unicorn as we are to Yahweh – i.e., not at all.
    Maybe it hurts your fragile, simple little mind to realize that our anger is directed at idiots like you. I couldn’t possibly be angry at your god; he doesn’t exist.

  38. To the non Atheists:
    Aren’t ya’ll too old to have an imaginary friend?

  39. There are a bunch of posts from a year or two ago on my blog which might give you an insight into how most of these questions have been addressed before, but in brief:
    Neither of us believe in Zeus, because that which was once attributed to that particular god has been shown mythical and folkloristic; part passed on through word of mouth and part through works of classic fiction. Christianity has no less of a past. The only difference is there are still people alive, during our particular moment of space-time, who still believe the bible contains wholly unique concepts. It doesn’t. It is one of many books, revered throughout history, not because it is intended to be taken as literally true, but because it is open to interpretation. If you take it literally, you literally don’t understand what it is and why it still holds such power over people.
    That doesn’t make any of it true. Nor does it mean if you don’t believe it is true you are, by default, a bad person. Stalin was an atheist. He was also a massive arse hole. Whereas the current Pope has files in his office which, if handed over to the authorities, would potentially lead to the arrest of child rapists still on the Catholic church payroll. He choses not to do that–and yet he is believed by billions of people to be his own funeral away from dinner at St. Peter’s table–for eternity.
    This is not a reward. For a man like Ratzinger, or Robertson, or Palin, or Graham, or Ham, heaven is being surrounded by Christians while everyone else suffers. They are the very thing they fear the most. Christianity is, to borrow an analogy from Ancient Greek works of hero warrior god mythology, the devil’s ultimate deception.
    Find Orion’s Belt. Look at the brightest point of light to its left. That’s a galaxy, containing billions of stars larger than our Sun. It’s one of trillions just in this part of the universe we happen to call the Milky Way. If you think whatever or whoever ‘created’ all of that especially for humans lives in a book written by semi-literate goat herders who couldn’t read the language they ‘translated’ from one to another–and who just so happened to have magically got every last detail of what actually happened 100% spot on–you don’t need a priest, you need a doctor.
    Adam and Eve is a wonderful story. The sermon on the mount is note perfect. It is not an accident such stories have hung around. But they didn’t really happen. It was far more incredible than that. They evolved. Hence there is a strain of thought, inspired by it, embedded into the fabric of our humanity, which plays itself out in different ways. Some people are frightened of admitting that’s all it really is–a nice story. They’ve become so bedazzled by believing it is literally true they’ve completely missed the point: don’t be startin’ nuthin’, won’t be nuthin’
    If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one. If you think gay marriage is wrong, don’t go to any. Stop telling everybody else what to do. You have literally no way of knowing what is right for anyone else better than they know for themselves–and if you think you do, you probably don’t know yourself very well. This is my general experience of ‘I once met an ex-atheist’ Christians, who’ve never read the logical fallacies section of wikipedia and periodically embarrass themselves on Facebook and Twitter by pretending to know something they demonstrably don’t in front of people who evidentially do.
    Pleased to meet you.

  40. It has come to my attention that this is a very funny little piece. I have it on good authority that it is intended to be taken seriously. I have also noticed that it’s beyond obvious after speaking with quite a few atheists that first and foremost I would like to expatiate about having the opportunity to ask these questions that were questions asked after having learned quite a few things.
    Atheists don’t hate gods. It’s difficult to hate something that isn’t real. Perhaps what you misinterpret as hate is actually just understandable frustration. See, talking to Believers about the absurdity of their faith is not unlike trying to potty train a cat.

  41. Haha, your ‘study’ of atheism is nothing more than trolling for atheists on twitter and then having 140-character-at-a-time bitchfests with them. Some study, lol.

  42. Anthony Okafor says:

    Yet another Christian fails at explaining why atheists are who they are. We can’t hate something that isn’t real AND THAT INCLUDES YOUR IMAGINARY SKYDADDY!!! Also, when any of us speak in “anger”, it’s out of frustration from dealing with retards who choose to live in ignorance of the natural world in favor of a book that tells you how to “live morally”. Please go back to school, study science real well and you’ll understand why it’s hard to fathom a “supreme being” being responsible for everything

  43. For Honesty’s sake, I am an Atheist and I am in fact a PHD student (Sociology of Religion) studying Atheism (as a social factor) as my specialty. But I am first and foremost a scientist and present views as I see the evidence.
    “First and foremost atheism is simply willful rebellion against God”
    This may be true of some ex-thiests (not all by any means), or even some Atheists from earlier periods of history, when they were giving up a God. But it is easy to be an Atheist with a congruent worldview in the 21st century. Science, philosophy and history backs us up well. Your quote discusses what would now be called an Anti-theist not an Atheist. How can you rebel against something you don’t believe exists?
    “Darwin himself was never an enemy of the Christian faith neither did he propose his theory to destroy the Christian faith or discredit it”
    True, he was a man of his time. Darwin did however very much understand the implications of his theory and because of the time he was living in, he wrestled with his feelings about this, a lot. As would many people of his era who were dealing with the initial realisations of the ‘death of God’. Darwin’s theory does not attack the Christian faith at all, it simply refutes the idea that the earth was created in 6 days and as it currently is. Evolution is not the only subject to do this in Darwin’s time, in fact Darwin used many ideas from Geology to back up his ideas. The revolution was in our understanding of how old the earth is and the fact that the earth and its inhabitants change over time.
    “I have also noticed that atheists claim to be moral but how is that possible if they do not believe in God, considering the fact that morality comes from God.”
    To an Atheist, saying that morality comes from God is nonsense. Saying they come from God does not give us any more grounding as which God and which rules from the holy book still remain questions. Perhaps you should look up some work on ‘socialisation’ and ‘Social Constructionism’ as these types of theories give an idea of how morals and codes of conduct are created among humans. All you need to think about is the law to see how this happens. Laws are different in most countries, as are codes of conduct and moral standards. Morals like ‘do not kill’ are common (though contingent, what about capital punishment?) in most cultures, but it is easy to see why, the emotional consequences of such actions would rarely escape retribution even in animals. All of the actions you listed affect other individuals and therefore can be wrong purely between humans. The statistics actually show Atheists to be very moral people (e.g. Zuckerman et al. 2010)
    As far as where the urge to be moral comes from, there are studies on empathy and our natural ability to understand the pain and suffering of others through our own experiences and biology (e.g. De Waal). This ability has been demonstrated in a number of animals including humans. It can be good for individuals to co-operate, as they may survive better with each others help. Co-operation is sometimes as important as competition in relation to ‘natural selection’.
    “speak of the fetus as if it were a parasite”… I don’t believe this is the general Atheist stance, but I don’t know for sure (there is no research that I know of, nor have I seen this in my searches of Atheist sites during my PHD).
    I respectfully suggest that you need to re-start your study on Atheism as you seem to have missed much important data and have not grasped many of the nuances (nor it seems the basics) of the Atheist culture.

  44. Hey, God never told me that rape was wrong. But he told me that Elvis is still alive! Yeah!

  45. Miss Raissa, I’m wondering why you won’t publish my original comment?
    I can see no valid reason to deny my voice, when it was shades more charitable then many of the other comments above, not to mention far more insightful than your article.
    I even posted it twice, just in case it was a mistake…What gives?

  46. I think Alan G Nixon has given an excellent appraisal of the Darwin element to your “original” article, but if I might also add–if not for the benefit of my fellow commentators as much as the future reader of this thread–there are some word tricks being used here which are lifted directly from Discovery Institute literature, specifically designed to spread electronic noise; or the facade of “controversy”. And I’m not going to confuse the Google algorithm any more by adding the above examples of this in quotations–but trust me they are there and I also rather suspect the paint-by-numbers author knows it.
    The bottom line is this–if this comment ever gets approved–it’ll be because I’m not using any “blasphemous” words and there are no obvious slang Americanisms or other patterns associated with S P A M in my typing style, which would otherwise trip up the keyword filter. So, for example, because I’m a Brit, I could get this comment approved by saying something controversial about politics localised to my own country, but if I said something about the politics of the country in which the moderator happens to live, I would expect for it to be filtered out immediately. Land of the free.
    But if I pronounce from the sidelines about Palin or Bush or Rumsfeld, the very mention of their names in this post flags the comment up to the moderator who might decide–ON MY BEHALF MIND YOU–that my voice is irrelevant or “too controversial” to be approved: even though, in reality, I haven’t substantively said anything either negative or positive about any of the issues mentioned thus far. Merely have I posted from a European Union IP address. Home of the brave, land of the rich.
    So, presuming against all the evidence, that this is a genuine blog and not simply an article generator of some kind–designed to harvest liars for Jesus–let me ask the author this. Why did you tweet earlier today that you had received ‘attacks’ from ‘people’ which had persuaded you to alter your follow-up post to this ‘article’? If your original assertion, made above, was that atheism is, quote, “The Lie of the Century” what have we said that changed your mind? Presumably you had “part 2″ waiting in the wings before you read the comments to part 1?
    What was the best counter argument posted above that caused you pause for thought? What have you learned since posting this that might cause you to change your mind?

  47. Miss Raissa,
    I would first wish to respond by saying that nobody “created” atheism because atheism is a default position. All that atheism is, is a lack of belief in a god or gods. Period. It has no doctrine, no agenda, no purpose, no beliefs, nothing. When you say that you have studied atheism you are basically saying nothing since there is nothing to really study. No two atheists are alike and there are even some religions that could be considered atheistic in nature. How can you study the lack of a belief? Your assertion that atheism is a willful rebellion against god implies a belief in the said god and thus doesn’t cover atheism since atheists lack that belief. I personally take offense to the accusation that atheists are angry. In my experiences I have received more anger and hate from christians as an atheist then I ever did from atheists as a christian… and yes, I was a christian. For the first 22 years of my life I was a devout Christian. When I say Christian I mean I was a right-wing, super conservative, evangelical, creationist believing, bible-thumping, fundamentalist Christian. As a Christian, I had read the bible cover-to-cover nearly 6 times in various versions, I had read individual passages and selections tens-of-thousands of times, I had attended thousands of bible studies and prayer meetings, thousands of church services, many conferences and camps, read hundreds of deferent bible companion books and most of the top Christian literature. I had watched countless hours of Christian videos, taken many Christian classes both in person and online, had many discussion with pastors and other church leaders, and had believed every bit of it.
    I find it odd that you would choose to move on to Darwin when he has absolutely nothing to do with atheism. Just so you know Evolution deals in the realms of science and has nothing to do with religious belief or the lack there of. Also, just so you know there are people of all faith’s (and non-faiths) who accept evolution and this includes christians…. so where you are going with this I have no clue… but I will play. I noticed you made use of the word “theory” and just to be clear, a theory is the highest proof there is in science. Gravity too is just a “theory”, but I digress. The truth is that yes, for the first part of his life Darwin was a christian and no, he never claimed to be an atheist, but in his later life he did say he no longer believed in a god and was in-fact agnostic. Don’t believe me? Here is just one quote to prove my point, “Thus disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but was at last complete. The rate was so slow that I felt no distress, and have never since doubted even for a single second that my conclusion was correct. I can indeed hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true; for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my Father, Brother and almost all my best friends, will be everlastingly punished…And this is a damnable doctrine.” Are those the words of a Christian? But to return to the point, Darwin and Evolution have nothing to do with religion or atheism, so it was really off topic of you to even bring it up.
    As for your arguments from morality, claim morality comes from god, correct? Let me ask you this then: Do you support slavery, incest, genocide, murder, rape, the suppression of women, public executions of homosexuals, other religions, women who aren’t virgins, disobedient children, people who work on saturdays, etc… If you don’t then you don’t share the same morality as your god. If you do I find your morality evil and want no part of it. You ask who taught humans our morality? Let me ask you this: would you want to me murdered? Raped? Lied to? Cheated on? Then why would you do those things to others? The thing is that it makes total sense for morality to have evolved in a social community. If you don’t want others to harm you, then it would be wise not to try to harm them. Not to hard to figure that out without a god. In fact, we observe standards of morality in pretty much every social animal society.
    As for abortion, again, nothing to do with atheism and your generalizations that all atheist support it is unfounded and totally irrelevant. I know lots of christians, muslims, jews, and other religious people who support it too. What’s the point? Let me ask you this: Do you have a religious reason for believing abortion is wrong? Do you have any verses that speak against it in your religious texts? You call abortion “the atheist holocaust”, which I find funny considering the vast majority of those who get abortions are actually religious. In-fact, Women identifying themselves as Protestants obtain 37.4% of all abortions in the U.S.; Catholic women account for 31.3%, Jewish women account for 1.3%, and women with no religious affiliation obtain 23.7% of all abortions. That means that 76.3% of all abortions in the United States are by those who are religious and 68.7% of all abortions in the United States are from women of Christian belief. More like a christian “Holocaust” wouldn’t you say? Also, the use of the word Holocaust is really dishonest. The Holocaust was about racial purification and resulted in horrible torture and the mass execution of grown people with real emotions, real relationships, real dreams, real goals, fully formed nervous systems, fully aware, fully human. To compare a fetus which has none of these traits to a grown human going through one of the biggest evils of all time is being purposely dishonest and just evil. I would also like to point out that if you are so opposed to abortion, then are you and other anti-abortionists willing to adopt and care for dozens-upon-dozens of unwanted children? I ask because as it is we already have an overpopulation crises in orphanages and foster care centers and if abortions were to end, this would go up over 100 fold. Just something to think about.
    MR. GWG

  48. Which part of morality did god teach us? The part where murder of innocents is OK? Rape and kidnapping? Stealing? Falsifying information to get one’s way? Oppression? Hate crimes? Bigotry?
    Secondly, science is not a weapon against religion. Science is fact. It is human beings using their amazing evolution-developed brains to figure out how the universe works. No one sets out to make scientific discoveries specifically to discredit religion. I am always amazed by the religious ego. I am also amazed that the religious aren’t amazed by such discoveries! Why is learning shunned? Why is knowledge a threat? Can you imagine if doctors ignored continually emerging improved healthcare techniques and procedures and instead continued to practice the same way they did in, for example, the early 1800′s? In the same manner, if something is discovered to be incorrect by the scientific process and discredited, shouldn’t it be replaced with the new, factually sound way? Why, then, when it has been disproved seven ways from Sunday, can we not let go of religion?
    I also enjoyed how you put quotation marks around the “theory” of evolution. Fun fact: gravity is just a “theory,” too. Scientific theories have different qualifications than the way the term is used casually in conversation.
    I am not attacking you, I am just asking you to open your mind. Not your heart, but your MIND. Do some logical thinking. Ask some questions. Don’t ever just accept something at face value. Grow. Try it, you might like it!

  49. //It’s beyond obvious that atheism is a lie that was created by rebels who felt they were superior to God.//
    No ma’am….it’s beyond obvious that ill educated christians BELIEVE we Atheists are superior. How is it that we know the bible better than many christians? when will you crack open the bible and ACTUALLY read the parts that aren’t dictated by your pastor? When will you STOP making excuses for a your biblical boogey man?
    //I have spoken to many atheists who claim morality does not come from God, stating it comes from society. Now allow me to ask these questions; how did human beings know the difference between right and wrong? Who taught human beings that murder, stealing, lying, adultery, were wrong? Who set the standards for morality if not God? After examining all these questions I came to conclusion that it’s impossible to be moral without God.//
    Are you serious? you mean to tell me you don’t believe a person needs a god to know it’s wrong to murder…it’s wrong to burglar a home? How simple are you?! you came to the conclusion…I’m willing to bet you didn’t sample the population…you had no hypothesis…you’re speaking of your opinion, therefore your results are skewed.
    As with many christians…you’ve said nothing new, nor profound. Also…as is common among xtians such as yourself instead of judging-have you ever dialogued with atheists in order to learn, GROW and understand who we are? If our intent was to live an immoral life…we would have STAYED in the church and lived double lives (sound familiar?) and once the immorality’s discovered-we’ll say the devil made us do it…it’s a test…I repent and then start the vicious cycle again.
    Next time you attempt to STUDY Atheism…how about actually…STUDYING Atheism?

    • who decides what is moral or immoral? Who sets the standards for morality?

      • Society decides by way of teaching and instilling ie, starting in the home (parents-family, neighbors), school (teachers, school guidelines), college…employer (code of business conduct, methods and procedures)-branches of government.
        Also, there are societal norms, taboos, values that we observe which has been instilled in us. You’re taught not to disrespect elders, to clean up after yourself. You’re taught not to hit your siblings, classmates. You’re taught when you’re hired to do a job, do it to the best of your ability, don’t claim children whom YOU DID NOT TAKE CARE OF on your taxes-do you REALLY need a god or a pastor to tell you that’s illegal??
        You’re taught it’s wrong to gossip, when someone angers you- don’t blow their head off- talk it out or shake it off etc. There’s also your CONSCIENCE which helps you to discern right and wrong. you don’t need an archaic book written by dysfunctional men to tell you what you’ve already been taught by YOUR SOCIETY/COMMUNITY. And if you’re not sure you can always find out what the laws of the land (be it local or internationally) are.
        And for those who believe we’re Atheists because we want to be immoral…I dare you to research the percentage of atheists in US prisons vs those who believe in jesus.

        • You did not answer my question though. Who set the standard for morality? There must be someone who set the standard for society to go by. Who is that person?

          • I answered your question. You don’t like the answer. There’s no ONE person. are you telling me…only god shaped you? Your grandparents…family, teachers didn’t impart ANYTHING into you?
            how can one person set the standard for a people-it takes a community…unless ur a dictator? case in point…if your god set the standard for xtianity… why are there reportedly 38,000+ DIFFERENT TYPES of christian denominations? PEOPLE…in the christian community decided to create their own norms, rules, values, by laws etc

  50. Mark the Pilgrim says:

    What an awful article. Let’s go through this monstrosity briefly:
    “It’s beyond obvious that atheism is a lie that was created by rebels who felt they were superior to God”
    – How can I feel superior to something that I don’t believe exists? Do you feel superior to Zeus? Do you feel superior to Thor? By your reasoning, your disbelief in them qualifies as arrogance towards them.
    “First and foremost atheism is simply willful rebellion against God. After speaking to quite a few atheists I have come to conclusion that the majority of them always sound very angry, although they claim their anger is not directed towards God, I have every reason to believe otherwise.”
    – No. You can’t rebel against something that does not exist. An atheist isn’t angry at something that doesn’t exist. If at all they are angry, they are angry at the attitude of the adherents or the institution of belief itself itself. One only needs to look at the variety of religious conflict or how religious belief is given a free pass in debates about highly controversial things. But again, not all atheists are angry. And I don’t believe you’ve had a rational discussion with them. Ever. This article is what you think atheists are, not what your ‘studies’ have revealed.
    “Darwin himself was never an enemy of the Christian faith neither did he propose his theory to destroy the Christian faith or discredit it. It’s those who hated the Christian faith who deliberately used his theory to advance their agendas”
    – Huh? Evolutionary theory wasn’t adopted because people hated Christ, it was adopted because it provides a viable way of explaining the natural world. For the record a lot of theists believe in evolution and adopted it during the start. And what is the atheist agenda? Did I miss out on a meeting or something?
    “I have spoken to many atheists who claim morality does not come from God, stating it comes from society. Now allow me to ask these questions; how did human beings know the difference between right and wrong? Who taught human beings that murder, stealing, lying, adultery, were wrong? Who set the standards for morality if not God? After examining all these questions I came to conclusion that it’s impossible to be moral without God.”
    Did you know in societies where non-belief is highest the crime rates are lower? Look at the crime rates in the Scandinavian countries and Japan. Compare them to America and some Asian and African countries where religiosity is highest. Religious belief is not a prerequisite to morality. In addition, atheists make up one of the smallest numbers in prison. Morality is dependent upon the individual person. So it is not only possible to be moral without God, but highly common! Not to sound arrogant, but I volunteer with children; give to charity; try my best not to be mean to people; help others if possible; abstain from violence; seldom get angry; and have never raped or sexually assaulted someone. But I’m still immoral because I don’t believe in your God? You see, that would make someone angry- it’s arrogance on the part of a theist to assume one needs religion to be a good person when many atheists display that they are morally upstanding citizens. Plus if religion was so central to morality, then how come in the thousands upon thousands of years that any form of religious belief has been around, why hasn’t mankind sorted out its act?
    But let’s address the other flaws in your reasoning:
    “Who taught human beings that murder, stealing, lying, adultery, were wrong? Who set the standards for morality if not God? After examining all these questions I came to conclusion that it’s impossible to be moral without God.”
    – For a society to function, it is not optimal that we go around murdering, stealing and lying. Sure it happens, and isn’t uncommon, but at the same time we can all recognise that it is wrong if no justification has been provided. We’re social animals and if you look at other social animals they don’t live in absolute chaos. Why? Because it lowers the chances of survival in the wild. It’s an evolutionary trait. We need altruism to survive as a species. But I suspect you won’t take this point seriously, as I have a feeling you don’t buy the whole evolution thing.
    For the sake of brevity, I’ll condense the abortion part:
    – Atheism is simply the lack/disbelief in a deity, abortion is not an offshoot from it.
    – Many religious people support abortion. It was not pioneered by atheists.
    – Not all atheists support abortion. You’re making an assumption that atheists follow one unified concept in terms of politics or agreement upon certain issues. Granted, you might find atheists are more likely to support it, but that doesn’t mean it is central to it.
    Don’t make generalisations again, please.

    • Who set the standard for morality?

      • Mark the Pilgrim says:

        You’re asking a very philosophical question that needs clarification. Are you proposing that there is an absolute standard to morality or are you asking how morality developed in the first place?
        If the former, then no. There is no absolute ‘standard’ of morality. Whilst we have broad universal notions of morality, they are not absolute. For example, every single culture on Earth has a concept of “do not kill”, but that rule is dependant upon context. For example, killing in self-defence, war, or executing a really bad person might all be seen as justified murders, whereas murdering a child for no apparent reason will probably always be frowned upon.
        If you mean the latter (how did morality develop in the first place) then I already answered that question. A combination of innate altruistic tendencies, societal customs and norms and then rational thought.
        But since you believe that God set the standard for morality, you have far more problems to deal with. If you hold that God created morality, then your original question (“Who set the standard for morality?”) becomes nullified as if God can set morality at a whim, that therefore makes morality arbitrary and means there are no objective moral standards. For example if your God were to command that rape and murder were good things then we would be obliged to follow that ruling. Indeed, according to you he has the power to do so. Would you feel comfortable raping and murdering someone? Unless you adopt the viewpoint that “yes, even if God would command us to rape, kill, and steal from people it would be morally just because God said it”, your entire position is weak and faulty. It forces you to adopt an even more arbitrary definition of morality than the non-believers you vilify.
        Furthermore, even if God was setting moral standards, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was Him or something else. For example, there are thousands of religions in the world, all with varying ideas on morality. Each of them claims that they know the will of God, but how can they? Is there any objective way to test this? How do you know you’re not in the wrong religion and committing the wrong things? How do you know Allah isn’t the one who is setting moral standards? How do you know Thor isn’t setting moral standards? What about Vishnu, Kali, Lo and other deities?
        Also, for the sake of arguments sake let’s say that we don’t know where morality comes from. Why should the fact that we might not hypothetically have an answer automatically mean that God is the one giving us moral commands? That’s a false dichotomy: we don’t know how morality got here, therefore God did it. We have so many variables at work here that might shape morality, upbringing, culture, environmental effects, social effects, genetics, etc. Why is it a two-way street? Furthermore, how do you know that is the God that you believe in giving you moral guidance?
        In addition, we have to establish that God exists before we can move on to whether God is responsible for morality. And as it stands, there’s no compelling evidence of Gods existence.
        I look forward to reading your response.
        Also, no offence, but you should read some philosophy books on morality and epistemology. Whether you become atheist or remain Christian, they are useful for debate.

  51. NearByPedestrian says:

    So if you were diagnosed with cancer, and eventually cured by a team of cancer specialists, who would you thank?

    • I would thank God first then the doctors. The doctors do their job but God does the healing. Why is it that many sick people have dealt with great doctors but still didn’t make it? Doctors aren’t gods, they go out there and do their job and God does the healing. As I mentioned, I would certainly thank the doctors, but I would thank God first.

      • Briabria says:

        Should a serious illness (or dire circumstance) befall you-cut out the middle man…humans…and go directly before the throne of ur god, for ur spiritual bailout.

        • Everything was created by God including science. :-)

          • Then god created homosexuals and athiests?

            • God created man, he gave man the choice to choose if they want to worship him or not. I made my choice and you have made yours.

              • dannysinfield says:

                ‘Everything was created by God including science’
                You do realise science does not agree with the bible, right? Or any other religious texts. No, you wouldn’t know this, because you don’t understand science.

          • But you have homosexuals that even pray and belive in god…and you have athiests that may not belive in god, but love all the animals, humans…and all the things the you claim to be gods creation. Many athiests do more for others, and take bettedr care of “gods creations” than you do…
            Taking care of gods suposed creations seems like a way to give back to god…and not the lazzy way. With actions, and not just self centered praying…

  52. It obvious raissa only replies to the coments she can some how try to use
    In her favor…the ones that contradict her irrational bigotry and that she has no
    means to refute she just ignores…

    • No, I reply to the comments that actually deserve my attention. Some of these comments simply deserve 0 attention.

      • And what is your critera to what coments deserve and do not deserve your attention?
        I see many verry logical and reasonable coments that you do not reply to

  53. AnHelp me understand the concept that even if there is a god, why he would want
    Us to worship him…why would god care more about people worshiping him that
    He would care about people getting along and helping others?
    I don’t see how this god can be discribed as good loving and fair.
    If you want to say your god is good, fair. Loving…etc…then he will judge
    People based on their actions…a person that does good should go to heaven
    A person that does bad thing to harm others should be condemed…and something
    That’s doesn’t have any kinf of affect on anyone (such as homosexuality), well then
    Its irrelevant and nobodys buisness…
    Its kind of petty and selfish to say god will send people to hell just for
    Not beliving the same as you…
    There are 5 billion non crhistians…many good people that do much more to make the world
    A better place than most crhistians…
    Your prioritys are messed up…and you yourself are making your god look selfish
    Petty, unfair and even twisted. You must have mental problems to think the god
    YOU discribe is good…
    There may be a god, but not one that condemes good people just for not beleving the same
    As you…that’s messed up.
    Even if such a god were real I still wouldent worship him…I would still have enough love for my good brothers and sisters that were condemed even thou they were good people and did good that I would stand up for them…
    Bottom line…the god you discribed can not be caractirized as fair and loving

    • I am not here to condemn KC. I have never condemned anyone to hell. I simply spread the truth of the Gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The Bible also says he is the ONLY way to heaven. If There were other means to get to heaven God would not have sent his only son to die on the cross. That is all I am trying to tell you.

      • Again…if that is how you discribe YOUR god, than he can not be caractirized as fair and loving

        • He is not the God of fairness, he is the God of Justice.

          • There is no justice in what YOU discribe

          • You, quite honestly, know very little about the bible. It was written, not by gods, but my oppressing people who wanted to rule over other people. That’s why there is so much nonsense in it.
            10 Questions That Led To My Atheism
            Posted on December 23, 2009
            by CJ Werleman
            1. If there is a God then why did he make me an atheist?
            2. If God made all, then he also created the Devil. Why not admit he made a bit of a manufacturing fuck up and recall Satan and end evil? What’s he waiting for? He doesn’t done anything since Day 6.
            3. If God is omniscient, thus creating you, me, and everyone else, whilst also setting the rules of the game ahead of time, then why on earth would he need to sacrifice a human son in such a grotesque manner as penance for sins that he knew we were already going to commit?
            4. If Jesus was that impressive then why didn’t anyone write about him while he was alive? Surely walking on water would’ve warranted some kind of article in the Galilee Gazette, under the headline ‘Local Boy Suspends Laws of Nature’
            5. Not only did God sit back with arms folded while the Holocaust took place, I mean c’mon just one well placed lightening bolt could’ve at least slowed the Aushwitz supply line, but he didn’t even think that the whole Nazi enterprise deserved an explanation from one of his prophets. Not even a two-page fold out brochure.
            6. Was the Bible written by God? Did the book descend from heaven atop a white fluffy cloud? Oh, it wasn’t! Who wrote it then? A bunch of Middle Eastern men but you don’t know exactly who? Well good luck with that then. Not for me. Later.
            7. If God hates homosexuals then why did he make lipstick lesbians so darn hot?
            8. The first four of the ten commandments only reveal that God is jealous and proud of it. If he created everything then what on earth does he have to be jealous of? Hmm seems a little suspicious to me.
            9. Why did God waste the opportunity to warn us about cancer, germs, and George W. Bush when he sent himself to earth in human form?
            10. How come God hated the same people that the Israelites did? Me thinks there’s a clue here.
            CJ Werleman
            Author ‘God Hates You. Hate Him Back‘ (Making Sense of the Bible)
            Available at , Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble
            @rationalists on Twitter

  54. I would rather go to hell standing up for my good brothers and sisters that were unfairly
    Condemed that go to heaven contribueting to opression and pointless conflict for generations
    To come…

    • That is the choice you have made. But I understand that you making that choice will not stop me or any other Christian from speaking the truth. You chose that or yourself and I chose to be a follower of Christ and spread his gospel. Don’t try to paralyze others because they don’t agree with your views.

      • “Don’t try to paralyze others because they don’t agree with your views.”
        You mean like you do.

        • You are the one paralyzing others for not having the same views as you…I am just asking you for RESPECT…
          You are basicly saying anyone with other views that yours are imoral…but that is not true. People can be good, help people and make the world a better place even if they don’t belive in crhistianity…
          There are good and bad crhistians…but you think anyone that is not a crhistians is an evil imoral liar…there are good and bad people in every group raissa…please don’t make generalizations…that is all…

          • Twisting my words will not get you very far dear. I did not say only Christians were good people. I said that the only way to heaven is through Christ Jesus. How you choose to interpret it is very much up to you. :-)

          • That makes no sense…if they are good people why don’t they go to heaven? That is basicly threating people with hell for not beliving the same as you…abd bribing them with heaven if they belive what you belive…

          • Your words…people can not be moral without god…and all athiests are liars…you are the one making generalizations about morality…
            peopl can be moral without god…and they can be moral beliving in a diferent god than you…just respect

          • P.S – putting a smiely face after threatining people with eternal condemnation doesn’t make it not nasty…it just makes you look creepy.
            Are you happy woth the thought of good non crhistians not going to heaven??? O.o

          • Athiests don’t have the same views as you…and I have yet to see one tell you they are a LIE….they might even say they are a ilusion but calling something a lie is a heavy thing to say.
            That implies they know that they are lying and are doing it intentionaly as if they have an agenda as you say. Like they are persecuting you and have some kind of intention to harm you..
            athiests do not have an agenda twoards crhistians…they just want respect. I am an agnostic myself…but I don’t think its fair to say anyone has an an agenda against you just for not having the same belifs as you.
            You are the one telling athiests and homosexuals that the creator and master of the whole universe will not accept them even thou they are good people and have done no harm…just for not beliving the same as you…

            • You are trying to make this about “me” I made it clear to you that it’s not about me it’s about God. Atheists have called me delusional, mentally disturbed ect… even before I ever said atheism was a lie. Either way I am not complaining, I expect this.

          • Don’t you think its kind of arrogant to say you know the will of the creator and master of the whole universe? That only people that are like you measure to the standars of god?
            Don’t you think its arrogant to claim to not only be sure there is a god…but that you know how god works, what god wants, who god will save or not…
            You are basicly saying you know god better than other people, that god likes you better…and you have a more special position to god just because of what you belive…
            Not even by your actions…its just about what you belive…
            Speaking for god is a sin as well…

      • You can beleve what you want but recognize that it is your OPINION and. People have the right to not think the same…and can still be good people and make the world a better place…and recognize the god you discribe is not fair…
        There are many bad people in the world…but you say god is concerned with the good people that don’t have the same belifs as you???

  55. Dawkinsassange says:

    If there were a god as described in the fable…sorry bible, why would you want to worship it? The devil gets better reviews in parts of the bible than this god thingy. This god Is said to have killed millions of innocent bystanders much like it’s adherents. I deny god moves in mysterious ways, it is obviously psychopathic; and condemns people who haven’t even committed any ‘rebellion’ against it. The basic tenet of the bible with original sin is abhorrent to all people of good sense, but the Age of Enlightenment and it’s loosening of the very UNHOLY grip of religion has led to greater fairness and the concept of innocence until proven guilty. Would you to go to court and be judged by a person proclaiming your guilt due to an unproven supernatural personage claim that because a very ancient ancestry did something wrong, you should suffer? The Bible:The lie of the Milennias, part obscene, part incredulous but fully disgusting.

  56. raissa is an idiot says:

    Raissa only replies to what she sees fit. And in her little, idiotic mind, the comments that make the most sense in real life, make no sense to her, simply because she is too dense to even understand basic logic.
    I just wanted to leave this here.
    Genesis 38:24
    God’s law states that if a woman is pregnant and is to be executed there is to be no waiting for the fetus to be born. It is counted as part of the mother and she burned to death with it still in her womb.
    God places absolutely no value on human life between the point of conception and the end of the fourth week after the birth.

  57. raissa is an idiot says:

    Genesis 38:24
    God’s law states that if a woman is pregnant and is to be executed there is to be no waiting for the fetus to be born. It is counted as part of the mother and she burned to death with it still in her womb.
    God places absolutely no value on human life between the point of conception and the end of the fourth week after the birth.

  58. Atheism is intellectual and moral bankruptcy. They love to mock Christians, but we are the ones doing the heavy lifting in charities and meeting needs. How do atheists benefit humanity? (crickets) Yep, thought so.

    • Excuse me…many athiests rais money for charity!…(and all of the money raised goes to the needy and none to any kind of church, unlike crhistian charitys)
      Lance armstrong is and athiest for one, and he has one of the largest cancer charityis in the world. Not only rasing money for cancer studies but providing care for thoes who don’t have acess. (Many unicef and peta members are athiests)…I’m an athiest, and I have voluntered at cancer hospitals since I was 16, I have also done voluntere work for sevral diferent causes…I would bet my car that I have done more than you…
      Crhistians never do anything out of legitimit cate…there is always an agenda…weather it is fear of condemnation, or to use part of the money raised by the carity for a church.
      Most crhistian churches are extremly wealthy, and give verry little of there wealth to the needy (just enoug to fool people)
      all the crhistians did about the hati crissis was set prayer groups and donate bible!! LMAO…yes, bibles…not food, not medication, not clothes…bibles!
      Crhistians use much for effort fighing things like, homosexuality, abortion, athiesm, false religions, divorce…etc…that they do serious issues like cancer, starving children….
      Stem cell rearch is on of the most promissing studies to cure cancer and aids…protested by who? Yep, you guessed it…crhistians!
      Any good crhistians do is just human…just comon sense…and you can find good deeds done by any group…athiests, muslums, jews…(you can also find people doing bad things in any group, you have many horrible crhistians)
      You just demostrated another problem with christians, they think morality and doing good is only atribueted to them…when it really just a human issue.
      P.S- one verry good thing almost all athiests do for humanity is stand for equal rights for homosexuals…

    • Funny.
      The least religious societies in this world tend to be the most peaceful, most intellectual, and have less crime than those that are (ie, America).
      The best scientists are overwhelmingly atheist.
      In fact, the Pew Research Center has shown that atheists (along with Jews and Mormons) know more about world religion and the Bible than most mainstream Christians (including Evangelicals, Protestants, etc).
      Atheists not benefiting humanity? Ranging from the inventor of the Apple computer (Steve Wozniak) to the father of the modern computer (Alan Turing) to the creator of Linux (Linus Torvalds), plenty of atheists have done plenty of good things. Gould, Sagan, Freud… I’m a bit of a science/tech guy, so that’s the stuff I know about best.
      Oh, but that doesn’t matter. Stormbringer likes to create strawmen and tilt at windmills, all sprinkled liberally with some righteous indignation…

    • Non-Believers Giving Aid and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science are once more working to bring much needed help to people whose lives have been torn apart by natural disaster.
      Spurred by the horrific suffering in Haiti, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDFRS) has set up a dedicated bank account and PayPal facility to collect donations to non-religious relief organizations. This new account is in the new name of Non-Believers Giving Aid, with all of the money donated being distributed to disaster relief.
      Partners in Non-Believers Giving Aid
      Atheist Alliance International
      Atheists Helping the Homeless
      Atheists United
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      Freedom From Religion Foundation
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      We would love to add more organizations to the list – contact
      Other sites or blogs promoting Non-Believers Giving Aid:
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      Celebrity Atheists List

  59. parkourrun says:

    Morality comes from which god? You can’t say something is a fact just because it fits your view. I won’t bother even trying to argue with you because, you don’t care if you are right.

  60. James Collins (@jascollins) says:

    “After speaking to quite a few atheists I have come to conclusion that the majority of them always sound very angry, although they claim their anger is not directed towards God”
    Really? There’s NO chance at all that it might be the fact that you are a condescending hypocritical shit? LOLOLOL!
    I’ve spoken to you, and I find that your bullshit is beyond bearing. I used to think you were stupid. Now I just assume you’re putting it on. And THAT is hilarious.

  61. I thought this shit was a joke.
    Did you actually look up the definition of atheism? Seriously? Willful rebellion against god? how can someone willfully rebel against that which they do not believe? It’s called a dictionary to look up words you don’t know the meaning of, not making up some crazy-ass definition to fit your insane agenda.
    I hope someone smacks you around sometime. Or perhaps someone has, and it shook your brain loose, and this is where you ended up.
    You are the most ignorant person i’ve come across on the internet…..
    I bet you believe the world is only 6,000 years old and people co-existed with dinosaurs don’t you?
    I’m hoping this entire site is a joke, and you are trying to be as stupid as possible to get people to comment because you feel any attention, even bad, is better than none at all.

  62. Great work – I can’t wait to see what “The Lie of the Century Part II” holds! I hope there are lots more death-count comparisons, logical fallacies, morality arguments, etc. Do you think you could put a ‘Hitler was an atheist’ argument in the next one too?
    As an aside, I have to agree with your claim that God is required for morality. I’ve just begun reading the Bible recently, and up until this point, I’ve been killing, stealing, lying, and all other manner of horribly immoral behaviour.

  63. Ok. I’m kinda tired of the word “holocaust” being abused at this point.
    Unless Nazis threw you into a gas chamber back in 1939, you are not experiencing any kind of Holocaust. Unless someone has set you on fire, you are not experiencing any kind of holocaust. You are just arguing on the internet.
    Godwin shakes his head at all of you.

  64. Maybe in part 2 you could provide some of your sources. The way this post reads it sounds very much like your personal opinion based on some anecdotal evidence, which of course is not worth much in the way of proof.
    I did find some information about secular morality you might want to look at if you are serious about doing research on how atheists can be moral. The following site has some very good presentations by Sam Harris and Matt Dillahunty that go into some very good detail concerning godless morality (as well as other good presentations. click on the “Good” menu).
    On that page, if you look into some of the statistics on the page it links to “Atheism, Secularity, and Well-Being: How the Findings of Social Science Counter Negative Stereotypes and Assumptions” you will get some very good information about who in the world is being moral.
    It is quite clear that godless people are at least, if not more, moral than theists.

  65. I’d be inclined to give blessing with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  66. Miss Raisa doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. Fortunately, the vast majority of people do not want to remain in that state of ignorance.
    She found the Bible, written by human beings over a period of time, and took their word for it. It’s sad, really.
    Thank goodness for The Enlightment and reason.

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  72. The only lie is the lie religion has been spewing for thousands of years. You pedophilia apologizing misogynist moron. You spoke out in clear acceptance of rape. Anyone with a brain knew what you said was evil. You brought your self into a world of hurt.
    Freedom of speech isn’t freedom to convey evil. You’re walking a very fine line.

  73. Are you making this up as you go along?

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  79. Azzy mir says:

    Blah. All this semantic jugglery. You cannot provide the slightest suspicion that there a is god, let alone proof. The burden of which lie upon yo wo claim his existence. not the atheists. What a bloody waste of time.

  80. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else encountering issues with your blog. It appears as if some of the written text in your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This may be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen before. Thanks

  81. nice post bro. waiting for the next part to show up

  82. Are you making this up as you go along?

  83. Firstly, Evolution only disproves creationism.
    Secondly, morals come from evolution because those with morals obviously did better than those without.
    Thirdly you are stereotyping atheists by saying they’re angry. I am a strong atheist and I am calm as a summer breeze.
    Fourthly, how can an atheist be angry at something they don’t believe to exist.
    good day.

  84. Neil fom Spain says:

    1) To say that atheists are angry with “god” is like saying they are angry with the tooth fairy or Santa Claus.
    2) “considering the fact that morality comes from God”. fact? Do you even know the meaning of the word?
    3) Morals are a product of evolution. That’s how even fundamentalist morons like you know how to reject some of the horrendous so-called “morals” in the bible.
    4) You write like a 10 year old.
    What an immature ignoramus you are.

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An Update on David Mabus aka Dennis Markuze

Dennis Markuze of St. Laurent has been charged with uttering death threats and for criminally harassing seven victims.

Two charges were laid against him Wednesday — and an additional 14 were added on Friday.

Markuze has been sent for a 30-day psychological evaluation at Montreal’s Pinel Institute and will appear in court again on Sept. 19.

Looks like we’ll not be getting him on Fundamentally Flawed any time soon! On a serious note though, I hope this results in Dennis getting the help he seemingly needs.

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