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No, Creationtips, just…

Oh dear.

I tried to correct ‘Creationtips’, to point out that we’ve both discovered AND identified our ancestors (as well as verifying those findings via DNA and many other strands of biology and other relevant sciences), but I couldn’t. Why? Because ‘Creationtips’ has pre-emptively blocked me on Twitter. Seems my reputation precedes me!

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2 thoughts on “No, Creationtips, just…

  1. Homo floresiensis is a bit of bugger for people like him. They're not supposed to exist.

  2. Humans in present form and intelligence have existed for 100,000 years – Adam's generation was only 6,000 years ago, according to the genealogy in the bible. That's just common knowledge, even the willfully pig-ignorant theists know that fact. The problem is, the bible says Adam was the first man and since they think the bible is true, they have a thing called "cognitive dissonance".Well, they have to, because otherwise, they would have to give up their grand delusion of living forever and escaping their inevitable death and dissolution. Oh, and hell, don't forget hell – they are scared to death to not believe the bible's nonsense.

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