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Pot, Meet Mr Kettle

‘Article says McDowell is author of two books on apologetics. Uh, no… Research, people! He’s done quite a few.’

Yeah, that’s Stormbringer lecturing OTHER PEOPLE on research! Really, the cheek of the man! Stormy really needs to learn to practice what he preaches.

Here are a few blog posts from the last six months about Stormy and his failure to research anything he writes….

and, just for variety, one from Marc Hall….

and more, this time from Jim Gardner….

….and those are just the ones were he’s made a big enough mistake for it to warrant writing about, believe me when I say there are dozens more instances of this kind of thing.

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One thought on “Pot, Meet Mr Kettle

  1.      Oh, but didn't you know? Norman knows he is right because his god beams the knowledge straight into his mind. Yeah, me neither.

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