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David Brown

David Brown, a Christian fundamentalist who tries to simultaneously believe in the ‘accuracy’ of the Bible and the facts of science, is wrong.

He is a failure at theology, and a failure at biology. Furthermore he has attempted to use me to attack my parents, and has shown zero remorse for this. When asked to keep me out of his argument he claimed he would do so if I wrote an article on this blog supporting him.

Fighting the urge to write a string of expletives to him, I asked why I would do such a thing, when he has treated me with the utmost disrespect. He has not replied, but has insisted elsewhere that I should still write in his support.

More than a day after asking, he has finally removed the link to me from his blog.

Too little too late.

If you’re a member of David’s church, and have any doubts about what you should do, I’ll help you out. Though I am an atheist, I was brought up in the same faith as David, and can see his actions as divisive, dishonest, and unchristian. If he wants to believe something that is different to the core beliefs of your faith, he should go and find another church – there are plenty of them. I recommend you disfellowship this weasel, otherwise the cancer of his deceit and dishonesty will grow and overwhelm your group.

I’ll reiterate – David Brown is a failure at understanding both faith and science, and lacks the courage or conviction to make his mind up in one direction or the other.

ADDENDUM: David has removed the link to my blog from his site (in fact he’s deleted the whole page that outlines his rather pointless dispute) but his has added the following to his front page….

If you find something on this site you disagree with or want to question, please leave a comment in the Guestbook or send me a private email if you prefer.   Alternatively, it seems some gutless folk don’t have the honesty or common courtesy to comment in such a way, and have complained behind my back to my home church, as if to re-ignite a recent campaign to make it impossible for me to participate there.  Please use whichever method suits your character

Now wait a second, if David is referring to me in the part I’ve emphasised, then we can add ‘liar’ to the list of this sad individuals failings. I both emailed and used his guestbook to express my displeasure at being dragged into his dispute, he ignored my final email, and deleted the guestbook post. 

You know what? I don’t care that David is now complaining that he feels victimised, he’s brought this entirely upon himself. Take a lesson from this David, don’t drag third parties into your disputes in the hope of scoring points, it will bite you hard.

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