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Motivated Fucktard

Really, you’d think the credulous rage vortex would give up, but no, Stormbringer keeps jizzing out his ‘posts’, thinking that there’s an audience out there that’s reading appreciatively, when the reality is there’s no-one reading who doesn’t think he’s a deeply deluded individual. Given that Nicky and Rhomphaia, the only two ‘supporters’ of Bob who post regularly are merely figments of his imagination, loosely sketched out caricatures furnished with barely maintained ‘blogs’ in an attempt to make them appear real, it can be safely said that literally no-one on this whole earth agrees with him whole heartedly. Even his latest pal, Joe ‘Drug Peddling Sleaze’ Cienkowski would find Stormy a bit hard to love. 

Buon giorno. It has been over four years and over eight hundred posts on this Weblog alone. Add my other Weblogs, and my total is easily over a thousand posts. Most of those are my own work, but I have been increasing the number of links to other sites lately. One reason is obvious, that I believe they have something worth reading. The other reason is to give myself a break.

Yeah, a thousand posts of paranoia, homophobia, islamophobia, outright hatred, and reality denying bollocks, lightly seasoned with the odd side step into explaining his love of Windows and Farmville. Add in the paranoia, homophobia, islamophobia, outright hatred, and reality denying bollocks, lightly seasoned with Bible verses that is his Queen Queequeg blog, and you’ve really got an impressively vast amount of shite.
I put a great deal of work into most of these posts, plus heart and soul. It gets draining. In a word: Burnout.
Really? Because if that’s the case you’re not very good at blogging. Most of your ‘Piltdown Superman’ site is made up of a single paragraph from a Creationist article, plus a link to that article – I’ve not seen any original material on there at all. Nor have I noticed you turning on the comments, obviously you’re aware that you’d be torn to shred by people who actually have a fucking clue about science within 20 seconds of hitting ‘allow comments’
Some of my longer-term readers know that I rededicated my life to Jesus just over a year ago, after rudely putting God on the back burner for about fifteen years. So, my interests and what I emphasize here has shifted, obviously. But I still maintain that this is a general-purpose Weblog, going where I want to go. Or where God leads.
It’s funny, because if you go back a year to when Bob first appeared on various atheist blogs and forums, you find absolutely no difference between his current attitude and his original one. It’s like he started out at a peak of screaming rage and paranoia and just kept on going. As early as one month after his rededication to Jebus he was drawing the disgust of other writers, especially after the incident where he posted numerous comments on his own blog, making them look as if they were from atheist bloggers. It seems that his god is leading Bob into being an absolute douchenozzle.

I was questioning if I was getting burned out, or if my priorities were out of order. Does God still want me doing this in the first place? I mentioned to Rhomphaia a while ago that I was seriously considering shutting it all down, and she gave me a slapping down. (If you find a friend that will slap you down instead of coddle you, hang onto this friend!) But something else happened as well (1 Peter 5.8).

I don’t know, does your god want you out there making Christians look bad, and creationists especially a bunch of reactionary maniacs? Yeah, your sockpuppet Rhomphaia gave you a ‘slapping down’, do you actually believe that these creations of yours are real people? Perhaps you’ve got a genuine multiple personality disorder, and think that Rhomphaia and Nicky actually exist, rather than being projections of different parts of your crippled psyche.

So, we then come to the main reason for Stormy’s latest bullshit blast
Second only to his bordering on homoerotic obsession with John Wayne (‘I was never confused!‘) is his inability to think about anything other than atheism. In the same way that his raging hatred towards gays points to Bob probably being a deeply repressed homosexual himself, his fascination with atheism, screams from the rooftops just how insecure and unsure he is about his own faith.
First, I have to say that I have a couple of atheists in mind that are intelligent and pleasant. Unbelievable, I know. If they were anywhere near me, it would be great to meet and talk in person. But I think they’re on an inconvenient side of the Atlantic.
That’s nice, it must be unusual to find someone who wants to talk to you for five seconds without feeling the need to poke their own eyes out. Make sure you don’t let them see your true face, eh Bob?

For the most part, I was attacked again by piranhas. Especially on Twitter. I have read some astonishingly vacuous remarks and been subjected to extreme antipathy just because of my beliefs and statements. Like piranhas, one would attack, then bring another, and another. I would reply to a “Tweet” (it still grates on me to use that silly word for a form of electronic communication), and then would see that I was replying to three people instead of the first one that lashed out at me. Agonizing. Some of the foolishness was along the lines of:

What Stormbringer isn’t saying is that he actively started posting Creationist nonsense in a desperate attempt to drum up some traffic for his sorry little website, whilst making sure tags such as #bible #evangelism #apologetics #jesus #arrogantatheist #evolution  and #atheist all appeared, just to ensure that the atheists found him. Like Miss Raissa, Bob has actively sought out online atheists, and then whined about it when he’s got the attention he’s craved. He’s a classic troll. 

He continues by presenting the ‘logical fallacies’ he’s convinced atheists have committed when speaking to him….

Ad hominem. Yes, childishly attacking me for even daring to post anything against evolution or atheism. Also, sites I linked were attacked with sentiment resembling the intellectually stunning attitude of, “They’re doo doo heads just like you!” What amazes me is how they will have “forums” or “clubs” where all they do is rail like a group of juvenile delinquents in the schoolyard. Grow up, already! Actually, I think they’re unemployable; you can tell by the way they act. By the way, they sure can’t take it when someone gives it back to them. Hoo, boy!

I don’t think Stormy even understands what an ad hominem attack actually is, because if he did he’d realise that he’s committed that very fallacy at least 5 times in that paragraph alone. He’s done it a few times as well, repeatedly accusing others whilst demonstrating the very thing he’s howling about.

Straw man. I hate to break it to you, Poindexter, but I have no need to defend a position that I do not take.

No, but you do have to defend a position you DO take, which is what many twitter users are asking you to do. Your claims that they’re doing something different is, in itself, a strawman. Ironic, no?
“Argument by assertion” fallacy. Evolution is true because it’s true. There is no God. Christians, especially Creationists, are inherently stupid. Creationism is a bastardization of science, or, Creationists are not scientists, or… (This is closely related to “poisoning the well”.) Presuppositions like these by fundamentalist evolutionists inhibit actual thought.
No, what people are saying, repeatedly, and backed up with evidence, is that evolution is a proven fact. They are pointing out that Creationism has been legally ruled by your own US Courts to be unscientific, and they are making the not unreasonable claim that Creationism is a fringe position held by only the most extreme of fundamentalist Christians.

The fallacy of exclusion, or suppressed evidence. Excluding facts or alternate theories because they do not fit your presuppositions are anti-science, Sigfried.

Again, this is bollocks. It’s been shown over and over to Bob that scientists who believe in Creation have had their work published when it contains actual science. Stormy displays the regularly repeated paranoid thinking of the typical conspiracy theorist, claiming that their evidence is being suppressed or buried. Really, Creationists are no different from those who believe that 9/11 was a False Flag operation, or that man never set foot on the moon, or that secret lizard aliens are trying to build the New World Order.

Prove to me that your God exists. Yeah, sure. On Twitter, with 140 character Tweets, and you’re bringing in other players to gang up on me. It’s only slightly better than attempting a deep philosophical discussion in Weblog comments.

That’s not a fallacy, that’s a request. And often the person asking is perfectly happy for you to provide a link to something that will make them think seriously about whether your version of your god exists….so far, in the whole of the last 2000 years, not a single theist has managed to make a convincing argument. But we’re still going to ask you to provide evidence for your claims that an all powerful omniscient being exists…it’s not our fault if you’ve got nothing to back up your belief. 

Fear of contrary evidence. They would rather rely on assumptions and chanting their mantras rather than honestly examining opposing viewpoints and examining the evidence. Declarations were made that the articles I linked were idiotic. Brilliant scientific deduction, Sherlock! Tell me, how did you reach that brilliant conclusion without even bothering to read the article? (Prov. 18.13 NASB)

Actually, I think you’ll find that most of us HAVE read the articles, I know I certainly have,and  I know from the postings of other atheists that they have. Basically you’re angry because the evidence you think is so convincing is actually nothing more than the fantasies and lies of Creationist conspiracy theorists.

Blatant stupidity. That’s right, I said it! I received assertions that were outdated or simply untrue, as well as the horrible logic. Two other gems for the Stupidification Squadron: One guy Tweeted me for about two hours while I was away from my computer watching “Columbo”, and he claimed he won the debate with me. The other gem was that a couple of guys that I blocked continued to send me messages, often through friends of theirs. Guess what happened to their friends in some cases? Yep, blocked as well.

This is typical of Stormbringer, he’s unable to deal with anyone who criticises his views, so he blocks people on twitter, and refuses to allow (or moderates heavily) comments on his blogs. He’s an insecure, sad little man, spending what’s left of his sorry little life seeking out the attention of people who think he’s a fool, and then whining about it when that attention comes.

One thing that alarms me is that cafones like this are the future of their respective countries, capice?

Why does this alarm you? Study after study has shown that the countries with the happiest citizens, and the highest standards of living are almost without fail mostly, or almost entirely, secular. In fact if you look at your own country, the USA, you’ll see that the most religious States have the highest crime rates, the highest level of poverty, and the lowest levels of education. 

So, since sharing my views and linking to sites bothers Satan and his children (John 8.44), guess what? It looks to me that I’m doing something right in the spiritual realm, so I’m motivated to stick around. This is war, you see. Oh, wait. No, you don’t see (1 Cor. 2.14). You can’t see. I have some hope, however, that some people will be intellectually and spiritually honest to actually consider the truth. I will talk to those people. Trolls get bitten.

A war? Jesus, you’re a melodramatic halfwit! And asking people to be intellectually honest when you are pathologically incapable of the same is pretty rich if you ask me. 

You’re right about one thing, trolls do get bitten, as you’ve found over and over again on twitter as an almost endless stream of atheists and sceptics take chunk after chunk out of you.


Bob has cried some more on his ‘Soldier for Jesus’ blog, read his pathetic whining here.

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3 thoughts on “Motivated Fucktard

  1.      I believe that Rhomphaia is a real person. Before she became enamored of Norman, she acted almost sane. This is not to say that I agreed with her — only that I don't think she is a sock puppet.     I remain unimpressed with the evidence for evolution. It still has a character of "you need a degree to be able to interpret the evidence properly and you must already agree that evolution is a fact before you are qualified to take the classes to study for that degree." I'm sorry. But it's the same "believe first, evidence later" that christians use. It's just given a fancier dress.     As for Norman being a complete nutjob, we are in total agreement.

  2. I dunno, a lot of the evidence for evolution is pretty simple, and has been observed time and time again.

  3.      I'm quite sure. All too often, the responses of "what are your qualifications to dissent?" show up.

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