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Paranoid Much?

“I don’t own the Mercury Cougar anymore, and I don’t live in that location, either. Some rotten people want to see me get whacked, but I’m not going to make it easy for them.”

That’s Stormbringer, out hatstanding even himself today on his sorry little ‘blog’. Does this deluded fundie Creationist really believe that people are out to kill him? He’s already stated that he think that I’m going to make death threats against him….despite there being no evidence that I have that kind of mentality.

Stormy, you’re clearly suffering from extreme delusions, you need help.

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2 thoughts on “Paranoid Much?

  1. Figure it out. He calls you rotten and posted a screen capture of you telling him to kill himself. You got bitchslapped again. By the way, I gave you my annual Shitstain of the Year award.

  2. Stormy, don't bother with the Nicky sockpuppet, we all know it's you.

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